Man he’s just out of here like that huh he’s a good dude I guess I could do a c o s that’s always a good thing to do right.  what happened really have I Mike are you I’m so sorry cuz like when I swing a golf club I try to crush it is the Haydn came right off semi drives on average usually land about 2:30 the most 2:50 ish she could drive what you have for lunch.  basement remodeling Milwaukee yeah perfectly fine my first practice will be on the first hole all right do I’ve seen people do that we hit the ball and the club came flying off I feel like.  do baseball players can hit their usually the best off the tea because they know how to use their lower body in the torque and all that that’s the only the only difference between literally there’s differences between the swings but like when you tell me when you obviously had a golf ball you have to put your weight forward and a baseball you want to do that back what is that when you get those Arby’s beef and Cheddar’s.

Probably not to be gooey and gross but still still beef and cheddar what kind of sauce is that celery sauce basement remodeling milwaukee copy some celery sauce Arby’s sauces its average I’m not a big fan of Arby sauce I don’t like horseradish horseradish one that’s bad .10 are you eating and then going to Shorewood how far is Shorewood that’s a good good afternoon for you right are you doing the Greenfield ones it will be up First Weber you do it again weather last week yeah. You want to yeah we did I didn’t realize we didn’t last Wednesday for some reason it felt earlier than that but hey you got a pretty nothing to do day today I can’t be mad about that.

Right did you ever send over that estimate first as are you going to do it basement remodeling in milwaukee where you want to call me yeah I got something that estimate realistically if they are going to pay 45 or whatever 40 it was that’s a pretty quick job for 40 you don’t think what yeah I don’t know where he’s going I think he’s going home first cuz he does have to be to work in by noon but right now I think he’s asleep I think you just goes home I would the fact that George shows up every day is crazy to me.  or I mean I basement remodeling milwaukee mean like stay till 3 everyday the 345 winning release realistically probably leave it like to be fine oh yeah that’s his cousin that’s awesome 10 cancel. Hopefully they show up so what you’re supposed to be doing before each estimate termite none text me to tell them that we’re going to do that do you send an email oh there we go confirm the email right now right Alisa just Joe’s cousin for this one right no I mean it’s what you send the email and then you feel like like your you check that off your kay here we go i just have to try and type letters mind checklist hey Kyle should we listen to your calls from early in your career here Elegance in confidence.

I wouldn’t I wouldn’t do that hers are worse Hoosier pie like mine but she’s been here for 2 years Natasha okay realistically I basement remodeling milwaukee don’t even think minor that bad I just don’t have as much a knowledge line for that one for example they could I could have gone for an estimate realistically like I could have easily been the go we can go on for an estimate the last time should really there was the week I was hired perfect I can put mine in but.  Detroit one on she didnt answer so i know thats not good but oh well that will happen. Oh boy i dont know what is going on right now for some reason we just got kind of busy but thats good because it makes time go by faster. what is she used to be really good at it you think she would have been good at it by the time I was six months in let me know when I have the point when I’m better than the Tasha at those calls figured there you’re at least there the check mark for me who’s that I’m coming the free all either that’s as you sign when you get back controller we can call these two maybe I’ll do that This you.

Probably not there probably in Clarity voice if you had to find them although quite and column where do I upload those two then you look like you find My Clarity voice right okay these are only for the ones that do it that like they have estimates basement remodeling milwaukee that we’ve called okay only leads to here all right all right that to folder why do we record the calls or what do we do that maybe leave table illegal things to not even said something we can go back and say we didn’t make sense give me examples here wake me up whenever yours I’ll go out you just got in the parking lot just chilling yah mean right.  estimate recordings like Oggi’s your phone’s highlight that’s a ton of those are long basement remodeling Milwaukee well you weren’t by yourself so no Joe oh that’s that’s.  I thought you said you were leaving work Greg he’s a he’s a pretty like the Xfinity guy brother thanks brother nice guy though one who’s over there Devion inI don’t add stop you just like okay except it is fate do you know I know you’re only at forgot forgot that’s right all right what way I’m on top of the sign thing. Give us a call today if you have any questions.