Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Not Wanting Wasted Space?

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Good morning thank you for calling back to basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee We are here to better serve you Today we’re going to talk about designing on a budget for basement remodels talk about budget we talked about being cheap or we talked about not being able to afford or we talked about different things for that matter but there’s so many different options to do on a budget some of these things are quality options here at we provide you with great service quality service we want you to be able to afford your dream home and we are here for you to be supported to create a dream space and there’s so many different options you can partially finish a basement you can decorate on a budget you don’t have to decorate it can just be open space The best suggestion we have for remodeling is just upgrading from where you’re at to where you need to be and sometimes a remodel is just being safe again and that’s what we’re here to do we’re here to provide you with greatness and we’re here to provide you with beautiful remodeling projects and we’re super excited to move forward with any project ideas that you may have so give us a call and let us know what you are remodeling project as sometimes I remodel doesn’t necessarily mean big and extravagant sometimes remodeling projects mean basic and safe we want your family to be comfortable and the home that they live in and provide Comfort to the lifestyles enchantment aunt this time and place in society we are here it’s about her serve our customers it is been insane to come into the times that we are in to just know that everything’s going to be okay and to know that your home is the place where your safety is and a back-to-basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee being at home has taught me so much and it has taught me to rethink the purpose of my home and knowing that we couldn’t go anywhere and we couldn’t be outside and we couldn’t go to public places for play we had to be creative and my basement is not finished nor is it safe for play right now so what it came down to was to find out where we could play and how we could make that space new everyday to the kids and it was great we had new everyday space and I’ve created obstacle courses throughout the house we’ve done scavenger hunts in the neighborhood we had to use a lot of different ideas throughout this covid-19 lockdown but I know that at we always want Our families to be comfortable with their homes and it’s taught me a lot during this lockdown to be comfortable in this space that I have and a at I’m looking at some bathroom ideas for basements and some of these don’t have doors and it’s super crazy to me that there’s not a door in a bathroom and it’s bizarre to me yeah it’s a really bizarre to Me. Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee when we’re here working on projects I like to look things up and to have my own ideas and to see when things can be and what they’re not and when I look at some of these basements I am awestruck that people actually use these kind of basements I get it sometimes you just wants a bathroom for the convenience of company which makes complete sense and is a great idea and sometimes you just want an actual toilet and sink which is great A standing shower and toilets are great I’m not a big fan of half baths I feel like if you’re going to go half while you might as well go all the way back to basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s crazy it gets crazy sometimes that maybe because I live in a duplex that I would want an enclosed bathroom in my basement but in all reality sometimes we just want a big space to playing with the toilet in the sink and I think that’s okay too especially when you live in a duplex sometimes it’s easier just to have a half bath in the basement if there’s two showers in the entire house I’m looking forward to finishing our basement to make it a safe place to plane not necessarily with drywall and drop ceilings and all this fancy light I just want a safe place for my kids can ride their bikes and roller skate around I remember as a kid my uncle had his basement finished and he painted it painted the floors and he painted the walls and he would just go down and he would make it nice and tidy and vacuumed up and we had some big beautiful memories down there we had a pool table we had a ping pong table with an air hockey table and then he had some extra rug that was from another how’s that he owned and he used it in his basement and it provided a nice little Nook where could watch TV and sit on the carpet he had space heaters down there because heating up the basement was just ridiculous but it worked well it’s saved us money and it was fun and when we were bored we would go to Uncle’s house and playing a Spaceman it was a new siding a new environment and sometimes that’s all you need in the winter time is just a place to go to have fun and create new memories and we’re here to help you and we’re here to serve you and we’re here to provide you with all your basic remodeling needs it’s fun it’s green it’s an amazing time I love my space at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re always here to help you and your family create new memories.