Okay this is the last article that I am the dragon’s on down and listen as I can because I don’t do any work today and I really don’t want to do any more than I have 3 hours left here though so I mean I don’t get it basement remodeling Milwaukee. that’s fine so I can scan the like started a few other things I want to get done today as well. Of situations going by so slow North Shore as to why that is Maddie is also starting to come back so that’s wonderful. I thought I was going to make it bigger than I do I don’t know where it all went I probably just used it all. Whatever I am so over this article I just title title that I never said that as long as our go Express that you should choose green tiles I mean kind of sickly pretty much the same thing. Okay so not be back to it so I’ll talk about the green tile pretty much Effects light blue tile does only pools and stuff I think like make something with more of a green tint to it quotes of him look more green I guess color. But I’ll just look at them pictures just like search to green tile and there’s a lot of the cool ideas with the car but I never thought about using the best I could title kind of thing. All I really like this bathroom they did take on a whole like tile wall instead of my painting at the covered in tile and it’s the one right by the tub like it’s not in the shower anything it just kind of like it something else already late basement remodeling Milwaukee.

There’s one that’s in the kitchen and it looked and it just got like a weird shaped I hope it looks really cool to like an emerald green that you can see there’s different kinds of variations within the actual time that’s all. And I think that looks really pretty cool as well examples of the kind of looks like a bath house at like a summer camp or something. Leave the whole forward like that smaller Square Mosaic dark green and then it follows a path of the walls and like that was kind of weird like that but I bet you could to utilize any color you are but I swear tasteful way. I don’t like this one and they did like I think it’s the kitchen backsplash as well but they chose to do the column late like a minty kind of a settlement a kind of green like a pasteles green and they do look a sideways herringbone pattern and I think that looks really nice. I think it has just like the right amount of clear and then you can tell it to accept it that area was like a bunch of different kinds of plants and stuff and I think that oral looks really nice give scroll you talking about like once I think website basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I also see I really like this one this looks like it’s probably a laundry room could you can tell you can see like the washer or the dryer. But they chose like it looks like a pretty natural colored wood cabinet and they accessorized it was like that black dogs ears are 1 white farmhouse sink with a matte black faucet. And then you can see their sex in Lakewood folding shelves but the really cool part is the whole\area this is all sorts of the Wall of China shelves all that to the ceiling is like an emerald green kind of Center tile herringbone pattern but like there’s also a lot of variation of that as well you can tell. And then actually start over on this picture that surround it sucks I can only show it but if your side over you can actually see like a piece of the tie lack of clothes and a Niger that’s pretty cool you can make see it like that. Cuz then you can kind of look like that and be able to like I don’t know like to see more I guess I don’t the thought of remove bold gray tile on Pinterest. I feel like I think you can bring any of your ideas to Pinterest just going to search my see what they come up with basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Cuz I feel like a lot of the time so I have really good inspiration photos like ideas for redoing the room when you need just like some more ideas on what to do what to go 4. I really like it when you see like this one it appears that they took one picture and in the picture there is the floor tile the countertop the cabinet color backspace like everything you can kind of see everything how it works together in one photo basement remodeling Milwaukee. And that’s kind of like the one that Tyler’s showed us on with the tile that you chose to the bathroom that he was doing I took a picture with like the piece of flooring next to the two different types of styles he chose and they they also the paint swatch I think that is cuz you really good idea what does basil look like once it’s all done and completed to put together basement remodeling Milwaukee.

See if I would 100 words left these are Center words are going to be like so difficult to get out just because you’re so tired today. Are usually too. Go to bed as soon as I could and then this morning Marvin was just being as of lately he’s been a pain in the butt like jumping up on the bed and like one or not. That is just not big enough for him to sleep up there anymore. He’s just gotten so big and they can access brawlout take up a lot of space so he’s kind of a big pain basement remodeling Milwaukee.