Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Not Seeing the Value?

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Hello and welcome back thank you for turning in this evening today is a great time today was a very busy day I want to talk about dating and remodeling kitchen space when your Aunt Jenny remodeling kitchen space and Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling the walking you come into a lot of complications lot of them complications can be reduced simply by organizing keeping your areas clean and safe safety as one of our main concerns when were on site at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we always make sure staff are fully trained in safety precautions preventive safety measures and stick to you we have a lot of training that we do together as a team we have training that we do on-site we have training that we do indifferent farms in ways you just want to make sure that all of our staff are aware of safety concerns and while I’m saying I decided to start wearing my steel-toed shoes and thank God I found some for like $18 cuz I’m not always on site and I was very blessed and at our staff are always in uniform and ready to work they Elise where they’re both a steel toe shoe and if they feel comfortable sometimes they might wear a tennis shoe based off of the work that they are doing at area tidy and clean majority of the time we do our best to keep the dust to him animal only black offer areas that sounds faith during covid-19 we had families request that we drape our areas and confine our work space leave hand family’s request that we wear masks and that we work with gloves and we don’t use there are powder rooms are there restrooms I’m all respect for all families request including the safety of their family we are not always up-to-date with the family’s news we are always aware that down families have special request based off of individuals in their family and it Back to Basics Builders and will you make sure that we can communicate these names are not there is respectful communication between both staff and customer at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we do our best to make sure they aren’t everything is completely done we make sure that when we come in I’ll worry units are cleaned our spaces ready to go we set up our tools and we organize them by color there is a lot of different tools that can cause a lot of harm and that is why all of our staff are trained in how to use the tools have once a project is complete we have a team come in and clean up the space that we remodeled we also keep playing there in the time of remodel so if we’re remodeling in your kitchen and we decided that we need to sand all the cabinets or I would fly or we would sweep up that sand and continue the next game a we do not want our staff or families to be jeopardized by sloppy work at they are a team that works hard we are a team that believes in loyalty and Trust we are a team that is faithful and we are a team that is always present during the time at least say we are going to be there we are there I know it’s well they aren’t Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee has to communicate with customers isn’t agenda I guess the timeline of expected events that will occur during your remodel and piggy top half of the form is usually filled out by hour customized and it is forever changing the documents is alive there for Anytime a client changes their mind they can go in and change the document in the document marks what has been changed and I don’t know what date we can always double check with a client the client could call and confirm what changes have been made and we can move forward with the remodel with the given changes have we always have an open Communication open door policy we are here for you we are here to keep things moving we are here to help you through the worst of your obstacles we are at back to we are the people you want to reach out to for your next remodeling project we offer a free estimate so schedule your estimate today and continue with a 15% lower rate than any other company in the business at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we will guarantee safety is our number one priority you will be promised a clean space with minimal dirt once your project is completed a professional cleaners will come in to clean your space at we like to keep our customer with 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed at we are that group of people that love what we do it is a passion within our hearts that grew over time at we understand passion for design we understand passion for what you love and that is what makes us happy you get to enjoy our joy with us something that brings a team together comes into your home with respect and kindness to change your house into the home you want your memories will increase your family will be fully functional and your lifestyles will be complimented with extra living space its a great bargain here at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee so dont lose your space contact us at today.