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Good morning! Today is great! I am happy that i can be hee today to talk about some accessories in the work place! Yes, I cannot wait to transition to the new office let me tell you how exciting it is to start from ground zero and work your way up! I am so excited to tell my friends and family and the community about back to basics builders! I am so happy that i can just houst the roof tops and tell the world how great back to basics builders has been and how amazing this company is. We have seen some excellent job growth in the past year! I am so happy and excited to move forward with some great ideas lets take a look at some office spaces i know that we are moving forward at back to basics builders but lets see what possibilities we have here! I love looking at possibilities like what does a new coffee bar look like in the space that is given basement remodeling milwaukee and I know that I can look and browse and find new interesting things to add to an office space. One thing I have been conscious of is looking into coffee bars. I love coffee bards! I cannot tell you how fun coffee bars can be! I love adding fun syrups and fun espresso machines and some delicious strong coffee! I hate when i go to a coffee shop and theres only sweet flavor in the coffee it tastes like flavored milk. Nobody trying to to drink milk for energy. i prefer to have a strong cup of coffee and some tasty carmel drizzle to top! Yes, it was so delicious! I love strong coffee and beautifully displayed coffee bars! So what does your coffee bar look like? What are some great details needed for your coffee bar to function? I love cute coffee bars that can just add so much energy to such a small space! I love it! I love the fall breeze coming through the door and the front porch open with lights on and the crisp leaves singing with crunchy sounds. The whistle of the wind and the crunch of the leaves cozied in a blanket on the porch with a hot cup of coffee makes for an awesome morning! Basement remodeling milwaukee have you see some of the cute coffee set ups? I love the floating shelves on a coffee bar! I love that you can add decor or you can add the necessities or you can just make the necessities great decor! It gets tough i love having practical solutions to the project! I love that i can have great ideas a great solutions. Some i have seen also consist of wine bars. Like am and pm bar open! I love ithe idea. I am not a wine drinker i am more of a rum chugger but hey some people enjoy great wine good friends and food. I love a good glass of wine and quiet time but not a lot of wine. I love coffee . I love to drink hot coffee and I love to sip it and I love to make it! I love that i can create a great taste of coffee and i can have a coffee bar! Basement remodeling milwaukee we are here to help you make great decisions and sometimes to make great decisions we need great coffee! I think the newest trend would be a chalk paint and floating shelves or there is also some great rustic villa type ideas that are just overwhelming. I cannot fathom the thought of just having so much in one space. The overbearing red bring is just too much to clean its too natural and too cold looking. Its definitely not cozy to me. we look at so many different ideas and we can only come up with so many great ones. What are your ideas of a great coffee bar? Let us know today what you think would be a great idea. I love that i can be great and help customers great decisions! I love the simplicity of coffee bars. They can be so complex and large to the cute quaint quiet space with drizzled caramel. I love it all, basement remodeling milwaukee , and i love that i can encourage other to step out and think outside the box. I am one of those people. I love to think outside the box and i love to step inside and take a look around for great ideas. There are definitely different syles of coffee bars that are complemented by the french there’s also a bit of great coffe that comes from the french! But who knows i know i love coffee and i need a coffee car! I love my space and i spend most of my time at work so i will be needing a coffee bar at work too. Basement remodeling milwaukee there are great styles of coffee bars lets take a peek at some great coffee bars in the town! I love the shot of color in coffee bards like pop some sunflowers up and call it a great day! If you are ready for your remodel and to add a space specifically for coffee in a newly remodeled space call us today and schedule your free estimate today! 414-460-0075 basement remodeling milwaukee we can take care of all your needs here! I love it at back to basics builders we can add any space and create small beloved accessories for remodeling projects. I look forward to the small details of every remodeling project. We will provide you with a free estimate and a free consultation and a 15% lower rate than any other company out there. We are doing great things and look forward to sharing your dress. I love the excitement of all of our customers when we call and find out their dreams here at back to basics builders. We look forward to your call here at back to basics builders. Io love it and i love that we can call and support one another here. You will also be guaranteed a beginning orientation for all obstacles that remodelers do face.