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Today is fabulous I am sitting here today and I am very excited to move forward with a lot of great projects here at basement remodeling Milwaukee in. Back to Basics Builders is a great place to start your remodeling projects. We love what we do is a great place where you can be comfortable and you can do So many things. Basement remodel a kid’s a company where you can get exactly what you’re looking for. There are so many different Trends going on right now in different remodeling companies and here at we can guarantee what you desire will be on board. We have done so many different remodeling projects that we are really excited to move forward with one of our own remodeling projects. And what we’ve wanted to create was a great spa-like experience made with Naturals around us. To be outside in your home feels amazing. And we found ways to do that here with Back to Basics Builders. We love what we do here and it’s exciting we can look at different textures and look at different natural colors we can look at Stones we can look at mirrors and we can look at some lighting today so let’s see you first we can start off with textures. Now when I look at different textures I look at the different textures of not just material but the patterns within the material I know we can look at tile and say oh that’s tile that’s greenidge this is laminate this is a new pattern. Let’s take a look at what’s new I know that we’re all looking at Great Is Our than Usain. And we’ve read different books that have hit the shelves that talk about the color green and how it has a beauty to it. Basement remodeling milwaukee  can’t necessarily guarantee sexy but we can guarantee you beautiful we can guarantee peaceful we can guarantee everything that you want to describe your bathroom as we can guarantee that for you. is a great place to know where texture is and texture lies and how it works and how the different patterns and texture can create such a natural feel. I know that some people have mixed wood into their tile and it’s just it’s gorgeous and I love it. loves to create new ideas and see create new themes with their customers. And we love doing that here at when you wake up and you think that you can’t do things anymore and the first place you go is to the bathroom sometimes you just need that refresher you need to look at the beautiful things that you can see things that you can experience. I know the different textures can be in different materials I do love mixing wooden tile I think it’s just beautiful and adding the granite to the Natural scheme of things. And basement remodeling Milwaukee we love to move forward with beautiful projects and we love to Add new designings of texture and when I look around and I see these different things that we can do to add texture I get really excited We all know that when we add texture to a wall we can cover imperfections and we can add value. But when we add texture to a room you can an such beauty and to the surface. You can use different materials in an entire room. I know that my frames are definitely wooden rustic my couches Old Navy lined with buttons and I haven’t yet to add any pillows. I also have some big pieces of what I have a huge entertainment center and I have a chaste for all my little cozy blankets. I love that I can snuggle with my kids and have my blankets where I want them to be in. has taught me many things including to store things inappropriate places. I’m to design with purpose. So when we go and start talking about texture we start adding different forms of texture whether it be in Furniture flooring lighting we can and texture by creating different materials with Furniture. Basement remodeling Milwaukee is not opposed to any idea of creating texture and in fact we are all about texture. Sometimes we can get carried away with texture in a room may not look as a whole a unified room it may look as if it’s up ready for a rummage. And that everything is just thrown in together with no cohesive Nest to it. This could be Overkill in texture of a room. loves to move forward with great remodeling projects and we love to add texture in many different ways. is always a great place to be. basement remodeling Milwaukee has done an amazing thing for us when we look at different products and we look at their friend materials and we look out to friend furniture look at the materials of that furniture Reading different types of texture to one room and we want it to be cohesive we don’t want chaos. Whatever Luckett maybe Russ ticket maybe she can maybe sexy and maybe design on a budget and create something natural. These are all different ideas for your upcoming remodeling project. We look forward to helping our customers move forward with different design projects and we love to help choose colors and we love to throwing some ideas and input however we do encourage our customers to do some research and consider the texture of  they’re remodeling projects. it’s a great place where you can get all of your remodeling project needs much including that of a cohesive room. We want all of your texts are still together and complement one another. When planning your remodeling projects reach out for consultation and an estimate it’s free to begin with us here at Back to Basics Builders. You can contact us basement remodeling Milwaukee at 414-460-0075 you can also contact us through our website  you can fill out the contact page within the website and we will schedule your free estimate as soon as possible.