Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Maybe Arts and Crafts?

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Okay thank you for joining me today and it’s been a busy busy day I know this morning I was so exhausted coming into work out Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee but we managed to my little guy’s amazing he keeps me going every day I’m his homeschooling is like so tedious that it keeps me on task at work because we can’t fall behind we just can’t or we really screw things up so I Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s great to know that even when we are around family we work as a team I left off last time we were discussing agendas at and and we’re dreaming about agendas I talked about different things that our customers have to make choices about and some of those things are just they think things like picking out a bathroom vanity and I know that hang out of vanity and never used to be a problem because there weren’t many choices but now I’m a bathroom vanities are lying super difficult to figure out in what months with John and what it looks like and my we see a lot of Grey and we see a lot of white and I could you know it’s so frustrating because I’m not a big fan of solid Graeme but when I looked at the gram the grain at Home Depot I was really excited and ended up with gray cabinets but I will not have grand White’s we will be making some changes and painting the Walgreen so a when we put in options for you to remodel your bathroom go through some images look on Google and know what you’re going to want there’s so many different options for a back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I know I’m looking at one that looks just like mine but it’s not it definitely is not and it’s gray and it’s got a lot of drawers in it just like mine does I know it’s just that we’re not using a lot of the storage that the vanity has to offer so when I look at vanities nowadays I’m looking at how much size it takes up and I know that with kids you kind of want counter space but I’m not putting Decor on my counter I’m not putting soaps out because my kids will tear them up and I honestly don’t know how to decorate a bathroom because of how girls bathrooms are but at 5 to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re all out here to help you again with our hundred percent free consultation and we want you to know that I went that you can choose different bathroom vanities you can go with a single you can go with a W can go with how to spell you don’t even need a cabinet I’m in that was one of the options that I truly explored what do I need versus what is there and what I want do I just update what I have do I consider a single cabinet do we consider am I not living to the fullest because none of my drawers are full and have stuff in them I don’t know these are all just different things that go through my head when I am exploring vanities what do you put in a bathroom vanity Okay so I did a Google search what’s in your vanity and a lot of different things popped up and none of these things are toddler safe which is why I am so obnoxiously distraught by the bathroom vanities have so many drawers and doors are they come with now and it’s frustrating because we all don’t live the same and we all don’t want the same and I’m looking at what things are normally kept in a bathroom vanity alignment goes to like self-care makeup things like that but I also want my readers to know that at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I have a huge 4-door vanity mirror that holds all my medications and my toothbrush and toothpaste and things like that so now what do I do do I get just drawer organizers and keep my drawers full of extra supplies I don’t know maybe I don’t need to downsize the vanity maybe I need a different style of vanity and maybe just have open storage where I can put more towels and rags and what not I think that would be even more helpful than to cut the countertop and half from my kids because we need the countertop space we just don’t need you are vanity peace and maybe that’s the only option I have at this point but these are things we want you to explore as individuals at offer you a free estimate we offer you a free consultation we offer a 15% lower rate than any other company in the business but we also want you to know if they aren’t your choices need to be made as well and if you have makeup if you have oils are you have different things that you want to keep track of In Your Home Advantage is a good place for it but I’m we always want you to buy what’s right for your family and your function your home and we get so excited and knowing that at is a place where you can take advantage of your actions and be excited about it and explore different things you know I’m looking at vanities now and I won’t the coolest vanities out there that have sparkles and staff as if I had a bachelorette Pad but I don’t I have a family so has to be family friendly and functional for us Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee you can reach us on our contact page at Back to Basics or you can give us a call at 414-460-0075 and we’ll schedule your free estimate today.