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Well Good Morning today is a great day we will work on new things to build character what is character character is a non tangible way to define ones self it is defined by actions what we do and why we do lets continue does any one have any questions perfect lets move forward with basement remodeling Milwaukee and see if they have unique ways to define character I believe character is within one self it can be both positive and negative some people start with negative and build positive others have to start negative I remember being told that having a child is difficult because you always remember that child came out unknowing it has no definition of character right or wrong it is my job as a parent to build the character of the child at basement remodeling Milwaukee we like to help each other build each other up and build character in a positive way we are all open minded and willing to do our best and sometimes we need to be corrected in wrong doing that’s when we may use constructive criticism focus on the positive and help people find out their talents and gifts sometimes people are born into chaos and never given a chance that’s when basement remodeling Milwaukee steps in and helps them as a staff member I love what I do I love to come in and join others that have the same goal and that’s to build it may be a building or it may be each other at the end of the day we build from within im so happy that basement remodeling Milwaukee has a coaching theory to their work ethic everyone is learning and we learn something new everyday and it gets passed down and around its exciting to know you will not be the same as you were when you started some people start to work with one another and realize there is no helping them then there are others who are willing to change and help build greatness as for me I am happy to have started with basement remodeling Milwaukee when I started I felt frustrated crazy and broken then I was reminded I have peace within me and greatness to accomplish I have faith and I have willingness I have flexibility I have strength and courage I have a mind that works a heart that beats and limbs that move I think im doing alright basement remodeling Milwaukee helps build that and we learn from each other that it isnt hard to find our greatness and to carry forward with it some laborers can do some tasks and not others some are great at tearing down the old while other are amazing builders we here are all different just like any family you meet some families are the defined as the brady bunch mine a little different with multiple moms and one father I have multiple siblings we all share a blood line and we are all protective and sometimes don’t get along but we manage to get through life with the most exciting life events like child birth engagement marriage and then there is family disputes some are dramatic others are hormonal and then we have those that are just blunt and forward while others listen some pay so close attention to detail that its mind boggling I am so happy to let people know that my family is wild they are a crazy bunch and we love it this week I called my dad to talk about my baby boys birthday when it came near my dad ended up with an injury and my sister said she was pregnant and she wouldn’t make it I told my dad I was tubing and boating until I was five months pregnant why cant my sister walk in the snow he said well I think some are crazier than others I had to laugh some times we take things to heart at basement remodeling Milwaukee we never do we encourage one another and accept the difference around us just like families do on Mondays we have an all staff meeting it is very interesting to see everyone on a Monday morning so early as compared to seeing them on site you know who woke up late who had lots of time who woke up early and ran into multiple obstacles its great to see difference then you see those who care and those who are simply here to work and go home with no relationships given there is flexibility and there is respect there is honor and integrity there is no doubt that there is also dependency and there is brotherly love there is a greatness within the team there is a peace knowing that you can learn from one another make mistakes and move forward with one another that nothing but shady behavior will come between a work relationship that creates a family at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have that we have a team that is tight knit we have a founding team we have a team that works well together we have a team of men willing to help a team of leaders and a team of amazing greatness if you would like to be part of an awesome team please reach out we are willing to work on basements bathrooms and kitchens we have an open door policy to communication with our clients as well as with the staff here we have an awesome organization team that communicates well and we have open minds we are willing to accept change and are willing to work through most obstacles we are never up for an argument we are open to discussion and agreeing to disagree we have integrity we have strength and we have compassion when we work with our clients always know that our team is a team of commitment that works hard at all times and is willing to change with compassion in their hearts to give clients exactly what they thought they were getting