All right I just had to take off my socks left a note that says I spy make a new box to have Labor on jump sheets so there’s that and then there’s create next week timesheet spaces I need to do that on Friday by Friday or on Friday I’d like to finish the Mets expense report on definitely need to do that I don’t think I want to stay more replace it with something else what do you want mango for now because sweating next list paste ear I got going for me.  basement remodeling Milwaukee there goes the lights I don’t know how many electrolytes it has though I want to see what oh my gosh has so many weird flavors, so this is kind of interesting because I feel like I can taste it look I don’t know what makes it I was a match I don’t really know what else to say right now I guess we can keep going into prospects. If we look we are we are on the Marlins I want to look at the Rockies I know they’re bad team at Ripley right now who is struggling it’s a tough thing to basement remodeling milwaukee see happy stuff on your fan all the players Jason Dominguez is their top prospects he is 18 flights into love International prospector saying he comparisons Bo Jackson Mickey Mantle Mike Trout as athletically which is kind of an insane comparison but who might save.

If we keep looking spent 5.1 billion they really spend all the money above average but for everything just 30 30 potential so maybe like a the left handed header so maybe like a early to switch header so I can remind you of Someone Like You you have to start Saturday and that’s I was looking nice like the other series make the Sixers vs Hawks yeah I know either way that we have to be we had to beat the nuts the Box I think the Mets will win but I think I mean the basement remodeling milwaukee books are good defensive team so they have that going for me right which cannot be can walk shooting night I mean it’ll be fun series the Lakers are still going they just lost last night pretty big you think so I think LeBron is going to start trying for the last two games.

I believe in Saturday I got to see how it we sent it out it says I’m here and Tasha wrote that she sent it in the mail on the 29th of April essentially I haven’t seen anything yeah exit we would have. drop Right here Brookdale Drive and you have an idea of what so do you have an idea what you would like to spend Well you have all this I can refer you to somebody see if they can do it a kitchen normal I can give you that other company the power shut up slayd5000 total dollars for all three of those things New Berlin help with that either okay see where she was at no idea how much did she think things cost like when she said basement remodeling milwaukee who it may be should a new toilet for $300 in I don’t know man that’s insane Brookfield basement remodel $5,000 window you’re completely off here you’re off and you want to do an addition on her house and even go into that she’s looking at like convert $20 to dollars with an addition on her house to for $5,000

You tell me what you’re about that by 100 Grand if you want yeah you would had to clear the schedule for her 4 but it was even like 50,000 you can at least do something for her so Joe’s got always get one when you can sit in but it’s like an open yeah how hers is different yeah the table very pretty expensive give my my call to the permit you didn’t know you could overhear me but so that called you like yeah we received it on May 4th okay is a quill the it goes to the building inspector to look for the plane of Music Center 4 weeks out 4 weeks out it would have been profuse expensive Clear Fork 4 weeks from the May 4th would have been like a month so we should probably have that Nextdoor app what’s up what’s the next door never heard of it the point I am not a homeowner my apartment has an app similar to that but it’s like the same promise right interesting basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Sweet project well now she trying to stay within 5000 maybe in a few days cuz when you think bill is going to tell her same type of thing probably not maybe she’s going to call around maybe she’ll come back I don’t know it’s just me being optimistic I guess check your call log. Yes all that they saw that this was emptied out and robbed and then I saw the name missing how was his found somebody else I thought even it’s pouring all of his options well who did you go with you asked for us to come out there is for a free estimate and you didn’t use a shot then you don’t even tell us why do people feel so like why are they so guarded about telling us who they go with for not going to like single basement remodeling milwaukee when I can go out there like fine things that they don’t do right that we could like legally go get like was he trying to talk to you about you like Donald has week we’re done here we are written down that’s kind of sucks he probably went he probably didn’t go with a company probably just went with a guy that you know the guy that Timberlake you don’t respond would even go for an estimate and yeah I went with a handyman or something when he says family and that’s probably what that is but should I ask him if we find out hey do you have a permit for that.