Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Calling Out for More Room?

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Good morning today is a great day Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I woke up this morning and I made myself a cup of coffee in my coffee pot was no longer in my living room and it felt great it felt fabulous it felt rejoyceful it out clean and I’ve been talking about the process of updating or Remodeling and parts of your home and we have been working on my kitchen and holy shmoly guacamole your kitchen updates or remodels are in 10 you have to be the most organized person on the face of the Earth they are very stressful they are long they are tedious and very time-consuming and I will let you know that there is a process for everything you don’t sand once and slap some stain on some furniture and there is grits there is different grains and when you’re standing you have to stand in an order of numbers and Grains and it’s insane and to continue to remind myself that this is a process and it would soon be over and I would be able to rejoice and enjoy my kitchen and I did it was very calming it was very relaxing it’s something I officially Love and Enjoy my time here at back to the basis for these masonry has been very very stressful with this kitchen but I want you to know that here we will walk you through the process and set you up for anything that any obstacles you may have if you’re a person who can keep things in order then you will survive and you will do great I use my entertainment center as part of my counter and we had a lot of meals in our front room and we used our coffee table as our dining room table or kitchen table a lot of makeshift going on and a lot of out to eat supporting our local throughout the covid pandemic at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I want you to know that it’s not easy with a kitchen remodel and we definitely specialize in basement remodels but no matter what we want you to know that there is a process and I promise you this process is sometimes overwhelming still in your remodeling you need to make sure that you have space whether it’s another storage or you go through your items and you throw things out again we use our entertainment center we took everything out and we just put it in a bin and we use it for spices in a toaster and things like that so it worked we even use my daughter is Tiny Kitchen for parts storage and realize she can reach on top of it now so it didn’t last long you have to be created a back-to-basics mother’s basement remodeling Milwaukee we encourage you to be creative we encourage you to definitely consider your employee bring it to the let us know your thoughts any concerns that you may have along the way always remember that at we provide 100% free consultation throughout your project it’s also considered part of your free estimate I believe that our team does great with us part portion of AJ Lee and it’s pretty much my favorite part and things that I love about my team and I know the owner and he loves face-to-face personal build relationships he’s that kind of person and he definitely wants what he does so have active want you to encourage you 2 step out of the box consider your next remodeling project and don’t be afraid of it but contact us check us out at Back to Basics and fill out the contact page invite us into your home and let us give you a free consultation with your estimate at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we enjoy everything that we do we love what we do it’s part of who we are and when we love what we do and we do what we do it brings us joint and you get to enjoy that with us and Back to Basics Builders buy some remodeling Milwaukee and more than welcome to give us a call at 414-460-0075 that is the best way to contact us is to definitely reach out and give us a call we are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and we are here for you to provide that support and consultation service throughout your remodeling project now how I feel after I’ve remodeled my kitchen I’ve described it as rejoyceful yesterday I was able to put things into my cabinets like dishes a serving Ware all that kind of good stuff and it made me so happy inside and I was just so excited that I knew I was done eating out and Puff pink and then I had my stove in the right place in the counter in the right place and I can start looking for accessories around the kitchen and I can start looking into a paint or I can I know this weekend my husband is going to do his best and I myself and we are going to paint the countertops our countertops would have to be specially made and that’s out of our budget so we decided to just paint them and there’s many different types of paints you can use that are out there and we went to Home Depot and we got a little consultation and advice from different people and we’re really excited about our paint choice and we’re really excited to move forward and enjoy it at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to know that we always encourage you to better your house to make it fit as you are home where new memories can be made more memories can be made your house grows with you and your family it brings functionality it brains Unity and I want everyone to know that no matter what project you choose to do next it’s going to be great it’s going to be a lovely so when you’re ready for your Beacon check us down at Back to Basics or give us a call at 414-460-0075 and start your free estimate today.