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Good afternoon everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend not a good but a great weekend! Because I did I enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend. So did everyone at the office of back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we all came back and asked how was everyone’s weekend and everyone said it was just a peaceful relaxing weekend. Well Let get in to countertops shall we. Lets start with obvious there are many different types of counter tops. To show you example there is running different types of countertops there are the kitchen countertops you have vanities they go in the bathroom and you have your side splashes they go with them it really is just starts where you want them to start but during the projects at basement remodeling Milwaukee we take the time and effort to kind of help design the bathroom or kitchen being that we want people to have a design that they can look at for the years to come. So as you can see there’s already so many different options to begin with you have just regular kitchen top countertops then you have your vanities that go in your bathroom With size flashes and that’s not even getting into the different materials that go into making each color top so let’s look at kitchen countertops first. Kitchen countertops first are going to be a little bit more expensive to the fact that they are big urds scope and size meaning that there is more of it to make. So let’s go back to the actual qualities and the types of materials there are you use stainless steel yeah quartz granite natural stone you got Maplewood all with different designs on them. For an example some have a kind of a designed to them where it is engraved in them or if it is lament over the stone. Then you have your stones that have little bit of swirl to them. The ones that have a swirl to them are more of a marble or a quartz. At basement remodeling milwaukee we do not prefer one or the other we just help you make decisions on which one might look best with the remodel that is being done. Then you have the stone of Granite vanity tops they look more like sand mix with different colors those vanities tend to be a little more heavier than other kitchen countertops due to the dense rock that it is made out of. So next we are talking about a story that basement remodeling milwaukee help one our clients discover and decided which countertop to go with. So, we had a client a few months back that just could not decide what countertop to go with. So, what we did was had two o our office people schedule an appointment with our countertop company we recommend and met the client there at the time of the appointment. So, the two office assistants went to meet the client and they were there for two hours looking around and templates of they could have in their kitchen. During this time all the client kept saying thank you for your patience and time to help us choose something that we are forever going to love. At we take the time to help our clients even through the small things to make sure they have the best and most unforgettable experience with us because that is what we strive for to be creative, innovative, embracing the design challenges and just working hard for every one of our clients for the good and the bad. That is what matter to us at back to basic builders basement remodeling milwaukee, the unforgettable experience. Now getting back into counter tops we have talk and discussed quartz granite, marble, most of stones. There are a lot more than ones we can even discuss in this short time we have today. Well lets move on to the ceramic counter tops as well as vanities these vanities are more fragile than the stones because they are not made of strong material but they do look really good in the bathroom vanity sets and really last long material wise meaning they just need a little wash here and there its looks as good as new. Then comes the side splashes these tend to be cheaper than the actual counter tops due to them being a much smaller version of the same material the big countertop is made out of. However, the big problem with side splashes is the length of them matters all too much meaning that the size to the end of the counter needs to be almost exact. At basement remodeling milwaukee we make sure you have the exact measurements you need when you go and pick out the vanities and counter tops to make sure that they don’t cut too short of a piece. Because if that happens it could take a couple more weeks to even finish a project because we are waiting for a vanity to come in. The other reason is we do not want to have to spend more money than you have to a project we pride ourselves in doing it right first time and own our mistakes when they are made does not happen almost never. But is a great company that cares so much about the clients and there projects, that we make sure that they have everything they need throughout the process and letting them know when they need to have found a countertop or vanity that they like by a certain date , we do constant reminders just to be sure everyone is on the same page. wants to create an unforgettable experience for every client and future client because we want to be the number one remodeling company in the greater milwaukee area so remember to call back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee for all of your remodeling needs.