Right so I am it’s time to do one of these I’m going to see how my I’m going to see how many I have done for the day for this week let’s see if I come it out holy cow there’s so many of them. 24 sofa go so we’re 15 so hopefully I can get three of them done today or 5 and then I’ll have to worry about tomorrow because this week has been a little busy or I haven’t been able to get these done as I don’t know why I’m not doing as good at these this week cuz I was last.  basement remodeling Milwaukee only gained I don’t know 8 I do have an email it see it’s from the portfoliobox team I don’t know what that is it makes sense I don’t want portfolio boxes I’m just going to click here and not getting emails from them anymore cuz I don’t know what that is. if we look for the dance the text I have try not to see what else we have going on here like I said there’s Rotten Tomatoes let’s see how that’s going cuz it’s actually kind of interesting to see.  if we looked see you like certain movies all hbomax the most stream hits a y are go without their guests can we Wonder Woman 93 I didn’t think that they would get a 93 from the critics 33 for the critics 83 for the audience compared to Wonder Woman to see basement remodeling milwaukee Fellowship of the Ring I guess the movie that I want to do is I forget which Hobbit movie I like the best about to check IMDb for that.

Either way though I am going to have to I go to that I 201 ratings that’s insanity I think I would but Desolation of Smaug better slots think I’m going to go with that one comment the Desolation of Smaug the actors in this movie or Ian McKellen returning as I think Gandalf. Volume 74 rating on 4 critics and 85 audience score I think this movie is a very strong like exit 88 I think what’ll happen then Desolation of Smaug eliquidstop this wasn’t see if I remember the movie as well the see what happens. We had to go to the bear guy all this is when they do the spiders yeah I think this is the movie to where pretty cool oh yeah that is when they are you with the with the dragon.  basement remodeling Milwaukee it says Thorin and Company reach the Lonely Mountain build fences up again.

I think that’s weird see open the at Meijer yep Bilbo and the dwarves rekindle months Forge Amazon the mountain I think this is awesome movie I’m just trying to see where yeah I think the one where they Christmas song. This one was like end leave feels like an ADD I’ll give it to 44 Stars pretty cool so see 20 40 60 80 yeah so if I had to give it a reading when we give it 87 out of 100 I don’t know what else to say about this movie I just know I liked it yeah here we go I’m going to say faster better with a quicker and in my opinion better paste them first movie feels like Peter selection of Smaug stop action movie

I feel like that’s what I’m talking about you movie basement remodeling Milwaukee pseudo see I’m say Thorin Bobo Bilbo Gandalf continue to have great character develop Lauren Bilbo and Gandalf move gray character development throughout this movie and end the return the return of Lego last from the original trilogy a great call back exit break your throat starts moving in with her but as rich as create call back affects use of smoke straight it’s something how well it was done last person whole world soon purple enters the mountain and encounters smoke will be great of 7 the tone the point where viewers could feel the tension the first movie of feels like the Flesh of Smaug it’s nonstop action adventure movie basement remodeling in Milwaukee. Thorndal beginning of continue that gray character development throughout this movie in the return leg last for the original trilogy cats grey call back finally fixing use of small guns movie the sub this present how well is that since the winters Monte car smogged movie did a great job of setting the tone suspense to the point of jeepers can feel the tension you are a fan of the original Board of the brains be books Desolation of basement remodeling milwaukee Smaug is a must see her family as well as The Hobbit books see some of that okay good thank you for your Buick said you’re welcome I guess we could do with the redo

The Hobbit witch no one likes Journey less journey to meet with an 81 out of 100 so don’t let the bed 100 I don’t know why but I like that the the only reason why give other than the first hour or so of this movie which slow the first hour so it’s felt too slow and I’m even 4 Bruce Willis movie with 4 tooth song first first film of the set basement remodeling Milwaukee. First time of the The Hobbit the first film of The Hobbit trilogy is A1C is a welcome addition nothing see a franchise I hope you’re right. To hear from where is not quite 1000 words but we’re getting there the Lord of the Rings franchise.  curiosity Jose Villalobos toner put music on with column the best the best right the franchise has seen really saves franchises Cena really saves however it is not a basement remodeling milwaukee movie without faults what was the comic relief saves this movie being 70 100 either way see.  there is a ton of set up this movie goes unsolved I just want something from you that goes unsolved but let’s not ruin the viewing is a fun enjoyable movie back to the original original Board of D rings good good I know I did not like Battle of Five Armies but.