Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Lessons of the Ages

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Today is a great day welcome aboard welcome to back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are here to encourage you to do what you believe is right and just for your home and your family have you heard of the earth covered homes the other day I was looking into some vacation spots you know affordable places to take a family for the weekend and I found a few interesting places online and of course all these adds are popping up for trip advising and it’s so frustrating anyways lets take a peek at some new interesting trips through the modern world of vacationing first the earth covered homes what in hearth is going on at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee please make sure you first have a basement picture this a hill that has been carved into to make a home how would you begin to remodel a home like that well let me tell you the remodeling is within the home there would never be exterior remodeling there would only be updating modernizing and functionality of the cave would be my only concerns today I look at the modern cave homes and people have spent up to 24K on one room remodels now when you call back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will start with free estimates if your one room project exceeds 23K we may need discuss big plans as I look at the caves I notice a lot of modern touches with a lot of traditional styles and usage of the natural sources made available there is a lot of stone that is used in the hills for walls and a terrace on top of the hills used to soak up the sun for warmth but lets talk cave a lot of people have coined man cave and she shed now that is a lot of expectation for one space to make it all your with only you in mind a pretty selfish term but hey lets work with it as back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we definitely don’t come in and further dig around your home to bring more dirt walls we work with what is given to us our resources are what is the foundation and we build from that so what do you see in your basement with only foundation bare what do you see could become a finished place what do you see as you stand In cement and sometimes dirt floors I can tell you that my grandparents have dirt ground in their home and its chicken wire holding that floor together many of us has begged them to consider a remodel or update or even a new home something manageable at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we like to make space manageable we like to make sure that no only are you happy with your space but you are able to maintain what we have done with your space and that you feel comfortable enough to verbalize the care of your home I know for a fact my basement looks like a dungeon maybe even a cave but has no historic value to it and is not manageable at this time there is definitely mold growing on the walls and the smell of mildew with a tad of water damage now going from managing puddles of water to seeing a clean space with laundry space and play space available is beyond my imagination only because I have seen what this basement was we had a 1970s rec room and we had it for years until it rained unstoppable and it poured and there were floods and since then our basement has never been the same will it be a she shed or a man cave isnt really up for discussion I think space is the word we are looking for during this basement remodel safety could be another as there are wires everywhere in the ceiling and there is no plumbing for a bathroom so we will just continue with clean and safe a place where we can join together but not be afraid of working out in the basement light colored walls and some colored floor just to clean things up maybe a drop ceiling or spayed ceiling with appropriate electricity that can be used for equipment at back to basics builders we use a variety of talent we use the electrician we use the plumber we use the heating and cooling man we use all different specialties to add life to your cave at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we look forward to the skunkiest most craziest most damaged spaces and renovate and remodel the space to make it a home again for those who live in it I am super happy that we have the talent and the skill at back to basics basement remodeling Milwaukee to help families be happy and to build their remodeling projects with character this is our space too it is our goal to make our dreams happen I am so excited that we get to experience this life changing space together we are one team providing multiple talents and we are supporting one family through growth and change it is going to be a long road but I know it will be a great idea to get this remodel done in a timely manner I am encouraged daily by my team they have already changed dungeons to lovely living spaces and wonderful rec rooms where memories can be made we definitely don’t cut into nature however we do use many different colors that are naturally influenced they bring calm and quiet and they can also affect the pace of work and the mood someone may be in I have worked in white walls blue floors orange floors multi colored floors blues and greens and I promise I have always felt better working in a space with a blue hue to it music and snacks and well coffee to helps a bit but to stay on track out team will consider every detail of your vision and dream and we will piece it together with the best of our teams knowledge