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Hello its Monday rise and shine the sun has risen and it’s a gorgeous day let me tell you how was every ones weekend I can tell you I had a slow weekend I relaxing weekend a cleaning weekend and I am ready to put stuff in storage at my house I have ran different ideas this week past my husband and let me tell you he just stared at me this weekend we built a shelf together for some office space and when I bought it I didn’t realize the size I knew what I needed to fit on it but then I didn’t think about the size look of it and the size of it then I got frustrated when it was put together and wanted to change the shelf size so many times I cant wait there will be more space once things get a little rearranged it takes time at back to basics basement remodeling Milwaukee I have to remember that things cannot happen over night and that they take time I spend time on amazon and I spend time at the at home store the I brose at hobby lobby and its exciting my eyes light up then I get overwhelmed and remember I cannot keep spending and buying with no purpose I have an idea then I run with it forever not realizing that I still have unfinished projects sitting around but I just love to jump ahead once there is pain on the wall its time to run with it at least for me that is what I think well this weekend I had an idea to stop at a cabinet store and browse around I heard they had great quality and speedy services and a buy one get one deal and then free financing and no interest for three years I was ready and excited then a snow storm blasted us see sometimes when I get ahead I am set back and it may sometimes take mother nature to speak to me like send me a sign well there it is storm alert don’t leave the house I giggled to myself and then I looked at my babies and remembered their weekend was full of fun and then I remembered pinewood derby this week gymnastics every week uniforms and the desire to learn to advance for both my babies at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we remember these things family is always a priority and when we work on projects we have to remind ourselves to slow down things will come together things will make sense and then I am reminded of my big brown and hazel eyed babies they have life too and their goals are different from mine so I took a few steps back and then I started to stare around my kitchen and prayed some day it will be done and completed but first I may have to start on something smaller like a bathroom at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we enjoy complete demos and remodels but then there are those who like to keep some of the things given and are reminded of our past and the memories and joys we experience make us who we are today we really have to brain storm sometimes what do we need and what should we keep.

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I am in love with change and brightness I love the renew things and to bring them bright to show life has begun life is renewed and life will forever change we will have obstacles and we will overcome when you look at homes you can see the differences you can see the changes you can see growth and it excites me at back to basics builders we are here to slow each other down and speed each other up we all need to be on the same page with our projects and if we are not united and nothing will flow nothing will make sense and our projects will no longer be our goals and our customers will not be happy that is the difference working with back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are a family we talk to each other and we smile and laugh and we may cry through special events but we are there for one another to teach one another to grow one another our lives matter and when we talk about our goals and our dreams we are reminded to slow down to wait to be still and know we are reminded that time will help us through to organize all the thoughts before we jump too far ahead I am happy I am happy there are people that can slow someone down and help them process thoughts I never in a million years though I would work for people who cared I have been through so many different positions and cared for so many others that I never thought my day would ever come I cared for others so that one day the respect would return and my family would be cared for I would be blessed and I loved it I loved that I could go to work and hold hands with until someone took their last breath I could hug the family I could remind them of stories of their visit and the joy the individual brought I would clean and prepare individuals for their days with smiles I would play games and feed individuals and then I would help them sleep at night the hardest things ever at back to basics basement remodeling Milwaukee we are able to work together and help customers through their life changing remodels we get to see their faces when they have a functioning space to see and then we see the joys their families experience and we know we have made a difference if you are interested in a company that knows limits and boundaries and will openly communicate with you and discuss them with you then pick up the phone and give us a call at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will ensure you stay within your budget we will ensure that you feel comfortable through the remodeling process and we will be sure to discuss preparations for upcoming remodeling some times we need to take baby steps at back to basics builders we can do just that we can help the adjustment to be smooth and you will have confidence in the change.