Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Time to Fix It Up

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Lets talk about some new ideas what have you seen in basements the worst and best ideas ever lets start so I have seen some massive playroom ideas however when a family choses to use the entire basement for play only I feel it is a bit overwhelming unless there is space for everyone in a home and other areas are being used for entertainment guest keeping laundry and work space then I understand however the thought of having nothing but play in all of the foundation is bit much for me at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to have comfort and whatever adds that to your house making it a home then that becomes our goal I have also seen some basements look by far better than my entire house they are just huge and I am so lost with it like how does it happen why are they not understanding that we want our homes to be beautiful from the bottom up all the way to the top even when you live in a duplex we want the best for all homes and spaces lets take a ponder over yonder and see other specialized basements and requirements I have seen my uncles basement and holy cows my whole family could live in it its gorgeous it has a bedroom patio door that leads to the hot tub over looking lake denoon then there is a wet bar living space and big bathroom with a fancy whirlpool tub it’s the best basement I have seen in a very long time when my aunt lived in oak creek she had a rec room and it was massive too however I don’t remember if she had a wet bar I know she had a bar pool table seating and huge tv some exercise equipment and a half bath that much I do remember at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will be sure to finish your basement to exactly what you want we love to finish space to better provide what families need our basement is definitely unfinished it is terrible and when I say terrible I mean caca the basement is hard to walk through sometimes I want to just pressure wash the entire basement with bleach and vacuum every whole and the entire ceiling its so nasty in the basement im so happy we are looking to stop water from draining in the basement it helps a ton at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we have the right network for you we are so happy to help build your basement now when I say unfinished what do I mean well I mean kilz on the walls hoping to stop water and mild mold damage I mean hanging wires around the ceiling that was covered by a drop ceiling and then we have paneling torn down and carpet torn up shag 1970s carpet removed leaving random drawing on the walls like as if someone ran a school from the basement of the home I would love to look up our home and see what the history is behind it at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will remove the mildew and water we will bring cleanliness back to the basement and we will make space for you to enjoy I remember my uncle had basement long ago his whole house was build and finished but his basement was simple and clean never finished and when he had us over we spent hours in the space we had a carpeted area with a couch and tv and two bins of toys a hockey table and ping pong table it was the best Christmases there at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want the same for you a space to make memories and a space to call your own a space to create new fun times and a space that will add function to your family a finished basement is helpful to all who are in the home we love to watch the excitement of the families as the space is being build we love to see the faces light up with excitement and we love to see the different reactions to the new space we love when space is recreated to add beauty to the home we love to add new space to what has already been built we love to tear down the walls and build up from the ground we love to help families that are in need of new space to help their families grow at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are in the field with compassion and integrity we are trusting and dependable we are strong and unified we are the staff that will help you through your change as a team we have strengths in all different areas from demo to remodel from beginning to end we are the ones you would love to start your remodeling project with we are the team that you don’t want to pass by we are the team you want to share your dream with we are the team you want in your home cleaning it all up and starting all over we are the team you want to move forward with you will enjoy the first discount and that is a free estimate with us we are always 15% lower than all other companies around we are the good people you can count on we are back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will renovate your space with your dream in mind we will make your vision our goal we will not give up mid project but we will continue with strength and dignity so reach out to back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee now and see how we can help you there are so many great ideas not one idea can be turned away but it cam be recreated to better purpose your space we will enjoy seeing you happy and love to help your space become your home addition