We’re going to discuss some different types of metals today I am different things that go along with some projects here on this absolutely amazing Wednesday afternoon you know it’s closing time here at basement remodeling walk you over and get a couple more in here and then discuss a few different things and different types of finish on his medals and just going to go over with you okay so here we go.

Here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of things that we do to help our clients choose from many different aspects of projects that we are working on with them know what it’s a bathroom we are making sure that they had to pick out a sink faucet a shower or tub faucet depending on how detail about the bathroom if it’s only half out of the city you say pick up sink faucet as well as toilet do you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we do this by having an agenda for you guys and we make sure everything is listed everything details that you need to pick out and we have a couple of things different things you can choose from Walnut different things at different places you can choose from they go and look at options that you have and some of the options you have four different types of metals and finishes are after you have your breath you have your nickel copper satin finishes and you know it all different sites and you have your bra size more elf a older metal as well as with copper version of its as well and you know you don’t know what you’re going to get sometimes I do all these you know what everything does come down preference and there’s many different options you can choose from like I keep mentioning here at basement remodeling Milwaukee. But you know it does come down to you do need a good decision because we do need to move this project for we’re not going to sit here while you take a couple months trying to figure out what shower faucet to you is would you have recommendations at what colors are going to be picking.

We give you ideas that will free nice with the colors are you going cuz you know we do that here and we want to make sure you guys have and enjoy the bathroom and it looks kind of coherent with one another hi Jay Alvarado you know what we’re talking about a lot of drops of the United be have tile that you can put on you know if the surf fish goes with the tile that you’ve chosen will recommend that there’s different things to options at preference is a, it comes down to but you know like I said was Google over I’m here okay so quickly after you have your nickel which is more of a silver color towards it and has a, clear coat to it so you can kind of see Reflections and it’s it’s more like the actual color will actually asked when I call itself and has that kind of tint to it. And you know you didn’t you ever sat in which is more of a team or stains vehicle and kind of like it as well and different just slightly different color more of a unique feature to its and you have your matteĀ  which is more of a darker color and you have your butt and which waters are like kind of black dark dark colors on the end they kind of like gold colored goldfish to as well you know it’s very unique and very different from others and stands out from other options that you can choose from you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we are all both standing out and making sure that we are different from the next person over because who wants to be the same as the next person over no one does.

You know everyone has their uniqueness to them and offer something different than the next person and you know it’s always about making it your own and going on your own path making sure that you keep on that path and learning from next and you never want to be the same person as somebody else cuz I’m in too kind of boring somebody else already somebody else has done that somebody else is been that person so why would you want to be that person you know the whole point is to be you and what you have to offer is completely different from Swiss somebody else has to you know that’s what it’s about someone you come down to preferences I what you want here it does come down to the design that you want to show it to people and that have come over and seeing you basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Know that look amazing when your family parties. You know when you found out have family parties it does matter yay I have a lot of people come over and see all this beautiful works at a stand on end take ownership in the fact that you helped design it by taking the colors tile flooring the Cabinetry whatever aspects to go into that make the bar is Wailord a beautiful brand new kitchen it’s your own and you have to choose and that’s what comes down to is choosing the types of things that you would want to see and there’s funny things in options you can choose from you know what you just go to a different websites that sell different types of Hardware as you can see there are literally hundreds and hundreds of options to choose from and we’re not exaggerating when it comes down to that number like they’re cooking me thousands and thousands of options to choose from cuz he staying each year becomes more new hardware new design templates and stuff like that so why you get basement remodeling Milwaukee, let us help you with your next project.