Once again if it went up everyone is having mo better day than they are yesterday and enjoying the beautiful weather that we’re having for most of the day because you know it is sporadic where there is sunny and 60° during the day and then come 3 for is always cloudy and it’s no different on this Wednesday afternoon today and it’s very frustrating and very different from most weather but you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we roll with it and we make sure we make the best of our day and making sure that we get everything done and taken care of because you know that’s what’s really important is getting everything taken care of throughout the day and getting your work done here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we know that better than anyone on this a lot of work that needs to get done every day here and whether it’s from our workers on the job site were us here at the office.

We are always on the moving we’re always doing something to better our I work place and our clients because we obviously we are working at our clients homes and making sure that their project turns out amazing because they would have hired us to do anything else you know and that’s what we like it we want to make sure that we do them really well but whether it’s a basement a kitchen or a bathroom we are always on top for game and making sure that we’re in complete Communication in sync with another just so that we are all on the same page and we can get things done quicker and faster.

You know we’re not going to discussing everything that he works here at basement remodeling Milwaukee but we are going to be discussing Dome ceiling lighting where is Dome ceiling lighting from well first of all it is many different things I will see the dog that has a license but you know you seen some of them everywhere you probably have gotten you know at least two other people’s homes there’s at least one or two of them in the house but hey baby I so popular anymore So there’s many things you can look at it you know there’s very unique systems out there that you can choose from it’s not for everyone and everyone has their own opinion on different aspects to the goes into the home because you know what’s it is their home it’s once again they are ideas are designs that we helped bring a break the life and make sure they get with it what  they wants cuz that’s why we do here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we make sure our clients get exactly and everything they want in a project and is being taken care of cuz you know Dome ceiling lighting is not something we do every day but you know if they want that instead of just a regular can’t lie to Morocco stop them I’m just cost a little bit more money this what does come down to the play and you know here at base for Ramada Milwaukee you know it’s not that hard for us to get a little change order going for you guys so you can have that instead of can lights or even when we comes out for the fiesta in letting us know right away so we can just press that begin with you know it’s one of those days where is very unique and very small it’s not going to break the bank and it’s not something that will have our electrician charge an arm and a leg for but it it does cost a little extra on some different aspects of it and that’s basement remodeling milwaukee.

What we’re going to have to charge for however I said it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg. But in a different unique in one tall and very different for a certain families. You know here at basement remodeling walk with you got free estimates and me make sure we go to people’s houses we ask a lot of questions just this be sure that they are getting exactly what they want done we have to put a proposal together if we know exactly what we’re looking for in getting that from our clients that rebuttal we can’t just go put a proposal ago this is the proposal like we don’t need to know but that’s not how it works you know we do need to come out when you take measurements we need to see what we can do with a property make sure that everything is up-to-date and if not we have to fix it and make sure you can comes up to date cuz that’s the one of basement remodeling milwaukee.

The more important things and that’s where it gets very expensive you know especially the West Allis and waif is Bay or Bay View area if you know those houses are a little older than a lot more of us paying to keep up T cuz you’re up to looking for many more and prices because they are so old so they have all the old stuff that may be corrected and up-to-date. But those are really small examples of moods give basement remodeling Milwaukee called let us help you with and get a free I spent Your Back to Basics Builders and we can show you what we can do for you but what we can help you with in the long run and help you make this dream of yours and vision become a reality and make it come to life cuz you know we do really appreciate that and we take pride in that you know a lot of projects start with no life at all and then take a life of Their Own It was at when it’s done and where was the projects that were happy about and enjoy doing.