Eden your budget is 14 yeah we’re going to double her budget easily easily to add a bathroom where there’s no basement remodeling Milwaukee Plumbing whatsoever yeah it’s it’s not a small project the talk has it drops in it was there we could just move drop ceiling yeah I don’t they said they got their hold their main bathroom you know their full bath they said they got that done they said they got it till whatever and they got it done for 14 I like so I guess why would you go down a good deal in the bathroom with parent but I don’t I don’t but when people say basement remodeling Milwaukee that I don’t trust that they I don’t I don’t trust certain things either one so it’s not going to be.  be some I was like saying things in like he’s like all this will cost more than sitting there not responding it’s like what are you looking to spend they don’t want to talk and then the husband finally said they okay with it this is a budget we don’t scream or we’ll talk in reality we’re living.  yeah but they I don’t think they I also like for hers I feel like when they said they redid their full-time suming they just did title work and you know maybe a vanity things like that you know they didn’t actually do like new plumbing and that’s why I didn’t cost more than unless they had a handyman do it northgate’s everywhere show.

That’s a classic referral Saunders elevated Jam sheets. I want to be in there either oh yes thanks you’re awesome all Some of the other ones don’t change as much but We have this but we know ordered some point in July or delivery no basement remodeling Milwaukee one else this table that see that today there’s next month here in the day There’s an appointment later in the day that I really want to go to tomorrow morning you should be good 1 where’s that I’m coming Thursday we have another one right it should be good but you’ll see if we look at the look at the one from Tuesday will see that the coaching on the next interview how much are site visits are but I probably have to happen and according to and then they’re probably going to be on lunch but for them it is what it is in that sense hope you can see that pee. the Workman so if we go there you’ll see that the the top remaining free agents are Andrei svechnikov from Carolina truck looks like the girls going to be back with the Toronto Raptors and play the NBN 2 years but he’s back I’m about to this one I will see that there is the we have on the agenda we have a weekly run time sheets which is that women in the shop site visit If we keep looking at us when we will see that the nation did e m d s whether we want to on the first of the people wanted add 1/2 bath in their kids room it looks like they don’t really have much going for him and it’s going to be double what they actually want to spend meaning we’ve doubled their.  budget.

We we have Craigslist but other than that there’s not much you can do Hardwood who’s going to play against Australia I wish I could be a baby if you look at those we could see USA basketball and look it up I think they’re going to be at video the other day just to say they just beat Spain yesterday I’ll be done by 14 which is pretty good go get there we look at their box score I don’t know how Ricky Rubio’s court so much but he did  however if we look at their score something for your basement remodeling Milwaukee hair to review it just went off for 38 for 4773 which is kind of ridiculous we Hernan Gomez poem selection played who played Devin Booker Play Pretty poorly the bird and Kevin Durant kind of carried I don’t know Jeremy Grant put a minute next Calvin Johnson see anybody else with Ricky Rubio go off of in a very good game I don’t know who’s on Australia I know that the please play in a font in the middle game see we look at this one there is two eating Fanatics and shop for hats right now hello but then I will see that on the if I look at 5 a.m. look up with you look at teams and just from their college mean I don’t want to basement remodeling Milwaukee go with the Tar Heels just because I’m a big fan of what they used to do when I was young girls big Tarheel fan really cool I probably do want like a little bucket hat for the summer hope you had a really cool I mean the colors are awesome all of go with the colors and keep going with that how are the bullet ants are coming there to cracking in basement remodeling Milwaukee some quiet so we like if we go back to teens with see that we could probably do MBA soccer Lucie weather go Chelsea going to have for them I don’t know if that’s all they’re going to merge but we kind of cool look up I really don’t like those jerseys that they have see I want really cool I can do something like that I feel like I’m going to Yellow all around it they seem to be pretty cool nice easy color like they have feels like that kind of trucker are they do have a bunch of really cool one today you can choose from however I think the best one will be this first one $30 basement remodeling Milwaukee I watched a little much to tell see how it would look really good.