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Well it has been crazy and i have been finding ways to stay busy during this covid time. I have looked for new and improved ways to update a small space and change the look of things. I know i have a ton of project linked up but i now i can accomplish them one at a time. Lets take a peek at a few that i would love to start today! Well know that i I would love to sand and paint my baby girls dresser and headboard. It needs a dramatic update. I feel that her room is really outdated with the furniture. Basement remodeling milwaukee let’s take a look at what her dresser is like now. I know that its dark almost and espresso brown and its an old dresser its at least 30 years old. I know that my husband had it as a youngster and passed it along to my daughter. I also know that the head board is extremely old.  i have never seen a headboard like my daughters. It actually was a hand me down from my husband too. his great grandma passed it along to him and then from him to my oldest now to my youngest. It has been around for years. Basement remodeling milwaukee we all know when it’s time to update a dresser. So i have a few dressers and when i look at them i see how old they really are. I want to keep the old and move on with the great space that they in but i also want to update the dressers. I am not too sure what i want to do right now but i feel like i can always update the space as she gets older. i have seen some great painting ideas with dressers and headboards but i am sure i found the one that my heart loves. And its two toned grays with glitter paint! I am super excited about it! I want to just paint everything with glitter! Can you enjoy the fun times with me! I am really excited for it and i want to do it all the time! I want to finish these projects like over the weekends but i know i cannot. Its so frustrating to have great ideas and then be stopped midway through because the holidays. Basement remodeling milwaukee i should keep a binder of ideas in my home with cut outs and collages of each room and what i want to see. I can tell you how exciting it is to get pumped about small projects and to add fun to the home. I love that i can work on small projects through the home and that i can always move forward with fun ideas and create new great spaces. I love that a small change can create such a huge difference in a small room. I need fur pillows basement remodeling milwaukee knows that when you put in some effort you can change a huge space! is always great with small changes and we are always great with making a dramatic change. I love that there is big balance in the process of remodeling. I am super happy that we are doing great things here at back to basics builders. I love that I can always be with some people who always want to see positive change and people who want to see life improve too. I think that is the best part of updating and remodeling is to see the final product and how it has been used to better the lives of the customers. I know remodels are terrible to go through just like any beautiful product it takes work. Diamonds aren’t easy to create. Basement remodeling milwaukee i get so excited to find great ideas and work with them. I love it i love that we can all do great things and that i can improve with greatness. Just like an old dresser in the corner it can be updated to tell more stories. A modern touch to great memories is always a great way to begin life and its new journey. Basement remodeilng milwaukee love that we can all work together and that it never gets old here and that we love that we can count on each other to work thought the rough of remodels. We are always on the go here and ready to use any paint that makes your dresser redo more personal to you! What do you want to do with your dresser and how will it add to your room. Please let me know what will be best for you! I know that i can always do great things with ideas and starts to the great ideas. I love two tones and i love dramatic so you let me know what you want to do to start your remodeling project and I can make it happen. Basement remodeling milwaukee is always a place to be and a place to start you remodeling project. Hop on board and give us a call at 414-460-0075 and we can help you with all of your remodeling project needs. Take a peek and let me know what you think. 414-460-0075 and we can work though whatever design or questions you may have. I know we always look forward to great ideas. We look forward to hanging out with you and helping you choose your remodeling project ideas. Please go to our website at and read our reviews. You can also check out some great testimonials and you can check out our page and leave a review of your own. Back to basics builders are always here for you and your remodeling project needs. Please check us out and let us know what you think. We can always move forward with some great ideas and we can always help you with our free consultation and 15% lowe rates than any other company in the business. so please do check us out and schedule your free estimate today!