Great we are at the point where all I guess it’s a great so it’s exciting on this will be number seven I’m going to have to take a screenshot of this because this looks like something what are we going basement remodeling milwaukee  to talk about I guess I can go on Rotten Tomatoes and just figure out what’s going on with that because what see what people are saying about the Loki show they say he is the annoying brother of Thor which I don’t really think he’s that annoying but there’s also just a character study though I guess there’s supposed to be seconds yeah there’s an exciting story apparently that people never seen before wow so original it’s kind of really like this much best Marvel series is safe World building is it just on one episode or what we go to the summer movie countdown with Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest with a movie I really like how did that not get a good reading on that’s a little ridiculous.

A lot of critics don’t really well boar really angry about in 2018 it looks like I really hurt my back to pull get it like that.  basement remodeling Milwaukee I don’t know if I said that again yet if we could look at to get basketball schedule for tonight see what we got here all right there is I think the Bucks do play all the Bucks play tomorrow today it’s the Nuggets first two sons my sons one get one Nikola jokic just got in the P if we look at his numbers we can see what he put up and we’ll see if he really wasn’t at BP on I believe he should have been I shot 56% from the field this year.  which isn’t too bad on if we look at it 3 points I just 38.88 most career high 3.3 tons per game on so I don’t know 7 ft tall is pretty good shot 86% from the free-throw line which was a career-high there’s really not usually not much I’ll stay there I’ll rebound .8 per game 26.4 points 8.3 assists so just a very you know her dance dance I don’t really know what they got there I mean playoffs I think he’s still doing really well the numbers are still good his assist numbers are down but the scoring is up so he knows what he’s supposed to be doing in the playoffs here.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee mom if we look at the events that to see he did leave the week in PR which is good at choosing cyan offense when shares and when chairs and table and chairs for 48 was really the.  there a -11 in Ports O call you know look at look at the clear clear the end of the month and Jen I don’t she she we see you know 4 guy points in see finish third in points this year he finished fifth in reebonz he finished eighth and offensive rebounds 9th and rebounds per game defensive rebounds 75 minutes of Sisyphus finished third which for some of that that size is basement remodeling milwaukee pretty in.

I want to come see the field goal percentage 2 point field goal percentage I mean effective he was great true shooting percentage she didn’t the 15th which is pretty good he was first in the NBA and field goals this year which is kind of surprising to see you especially 2 point field goals shouldn’t we believe in those attempts though so there is that he’s 30 minutes played first and games played turn over his he was fifth in turnovers but that still it really stop his clear efficiency rating in Winchester to first like I said offensive when she hears he was first basement remodeling Milwaukee.  we also have defensive win shares he was fourth so it’s pretty pretty good for him backspace – offensive first defensive use forth on his value over a replacement player was first so is offensive rating you would second that this year I don’t know who is first but and then triple-doubles this year you was second in the league it was that you’re there pretty high Hall of Fame probability I don’t really know if they have somewhere players oh yeah they do through what is it to 5 years Wes unseld we all being like he’s where he’s put up numbers that I’m a lot of lot of Hall of Famer.

And always just very good player I guess they are saying you owe me I wonder who was 1st and offensive rating this year so if we go 2 points yeah it was no surprise their rebounding is Rudy gobert was the rebound leader and for him good for Rudy gobert defensive rebound offensive rebounds will Clint capela with the guy I wish I could see you sucking in total alone, since we also have Russell Westbrook and first this is per game Russell basement remodeling milwaukee Westbrook but he did have a triple-double he’s averaged a triple-double for the past see four out of five seasons which is in sanity, is crazy to see that I don’t know how you make the All-Star Game this year I’m he definitely showed up he was worth the trip this year Sonia Hall favor there which is kind of cool to see steals per game Jimmy Butler was first and steals though TJ McConnell was first some good for him one time steals leader I don’t know if it’ll show up on the totals it does good good for TJ McConnell a good Defender so people do now on blocks Rudy gobert by far, blocks per game Myles Turner still with the you could ever just he just didn’t play as many games but if you want to Black champ free throw percentage Chris Paul good for you I’ve never seen Steph Curry missed free-throw so if you have credit to you saw history basement remodeling Milwaukee.  we also have the field goal percentage insert the big guy you know Joe Eros bugles.414-460-0075