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At back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to know we are doing our very best to help you decide what is best for your basement today I was so excited to look around and see the different things going on in basements for example I was searching a few magazines and low and behold they all had new ideas for basements now I know tv is huge in the second space however I feel it is a bit much I have a tv in my home and it drives me nuts my husband is always blasting it so loud I would love a space with minimal sound just the sound of kids playing and enjoying life being creative not being told by technology anything that needs to be lived or experienced I am so happy that my kids have imagination that they play pretend that they truly do have limited time on their screens it makes me smile when we are outside in the mud splashing in big muddy puddles and making prints in the mud finding bugs and that is what I want the concept of my basement to be I want there to be space to make memories not a place to sit on my but and do a whole lot of tv watching I hate sitting and doing nothing I must be doing something if its planning or writing or reading I must do something to sit in one spot I must be able to refocus I love to see my babies play what are your hobbies and or interest what would you do in your space at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to help design a space that will be used regularly not just for holidays or special events but we want you to enjoy your space and to know what you want to do within it is very important step in the process are you recreating what you have or are you creating something new I hate when I walk into a home and I see a second living space I love to see games I love to see snacks I love to see work out equipment and I love to see bathrooms and office space work spaces etc I like to see something that the house doesn’t have I have seen so many basements imitate the first level that they only enjoy the second I love to create a space that is new to use a space that will be used by the whole family even the pets I know my dog hates the basement right now she hates it so bad she just hates it at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want your space to be a great space where your entire family can enjoy the space let it be new to everyone including the pets I have had two dogs I promise you one chewed the door off the basement and one cries at the top of the stairs when I go into the basement I don’t know why my dogs hate the basements but they do they hate them terribly at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will be sure your basement is so great even your pet loves it have you seen the new pet spaces the ones with the great washing stations I want that for my dog she is the tiniest dog ever and she hates going to the groomers she cries and growls and shakes and wants to go home she is on the naughty list at Petco when we take her in to be groomed we have to be present for her as she refuses to be in the kennel its so frustrating so a nice little pit spa would be great to create in my new space then my dog could be washed in the sink and I can use nice warm water I hate washing her in the bath tub it clogs the drains and yes I am sure it clogs the basement drains I have had that happen once before it was terrible and disgusting we had to bleach the entire basement what do you plan on doing in your new space play board games air hokey shoot some pool have some space to make beverages and some time to unwind I want a fire place too in the basement I think it would be great I want a tiled bath tub for my dogs and I want a fire place to unwind while I study and read a book yes that is what I want to do that is what I love to do I would be so happy oh and tea I would bring tea to my basement I would enjoy it so much at back to basics builders we are here to build and design your space with your dreams in mind we love building second living space and we love to build the rec room we are those people we love what we do and we love doing it right now I am in the process of finding the perfect design for my basement I cannot wait to see what I can do with the space that we have at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we love to smile we love to laugh and we love to live we love to help families make decisions of what their basement is possible of what they can see and what can be reality some families get an estimate and are not content with making a decision to remodel their basement and that is okay we are ready for those who are we are ready for those to take the big leap into spring and tear down some walls and flip their lower level to make it the greatest space ever we have come to some small spaces and large spaces we have not known what families have wanted and there are times families know exactly what they want no matter what stage you are in for your remodel we are here to help start by getting your free estimate at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee