Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Doing the Work the Right Way The First Time

This content was written for Back to Basics Builders.

Through experience I have learned at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee the thought of remodeling is a huge step in some peoples lives some of us get excited other scared some are just ready to dive into the huge decision while others need to know every detail surrounding the decisions how do you handle the big decisions in your life do you sit back and relax and let a third party figure it out or do you jump in and tear it apart and request every detail you can I have never jumped right in and made random decisions that were important I always had to jump in and take them apart piece by piece to be better educated and to understand what I am advocating for there have been so many times where I didn’t understand a word in a document and I had to sit on google or with a friend to figure out what the document said I am that person with back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee they will help you they will define words you don’t understand they have an open door open communication policy you can come to them whenever you need to and you can talk with them they are understanding they get life they get finances they get kids the get lifestyle change they get it they have been there they know how to accommodate for any situation you may come up or obstacle you may have to face never feel alone with back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee they will be there for you they walk with you step by step they help you understand they help you bring your brain around things to grasp what is really going on I have told you stories of families I have met some who had no fridge being grateful it was the winter season and the outdoors could be used for storage then from a fridge going out to being evicted with new owners having seven kids and feeling all alone like you cannot provide your kids looking at you with big dark eyes and tears because they don’t know where they will lay their head in two months well that family is back they have over come they are “on their feet” remember some obstacles of overcoming are far different and some times we need to be reminded of the hurt and trauma we may be experiencing is small while after working at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee the other night I was up from 2am to 7am my daughter slept from 7am to 9am she wasn’t irritable she wasn’t in pain she was uncomfortable and congested she had another bath then vicks a humidifier in place then she had comfy pjs that she picked out herself to make thing that much better we added frozen flippers and a Minnie mouse robe to the wardrobe and pined her hair out of her eyes she was given cough medicine and her allergy medicine only to be awake the entire night we laughed she pulled my eye lids and we cuddled to cartoon I found myself wishing things would be different and went on facebook only to find my friend processing the thought of another round of chemo for her daughter I cant imagine the frustration I cannot imagine the process of researching percentages of survival I am up at night with a cold and complaining that I am not sleeping perspective is mostly everything we need to be up to date we need to be informed we need to understand change is not life threatening and it can be adjusted too our remodel may not be exactly what we envisioned but it comes close we have our families we have our joys we have our life we are breathing we can talk to ourselves and remind ourselves to relax calm down and know that we will not lose more than what we started with remodeling with back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee is just that knowing that we start with plans but according to finances we may come close we may have to spend more on one thing and not the other we may have adjust the gps when in doubt we will just reroute the end result isn’t always as far as you may imagine some times there are back roads you can take to get there faster and sometimes there’s a 5 car accident that you need to get around don’t get hung up on the small stuff you are surviving you may not have planned to have pb and j for the week but the kids aren’t starving and you are grateful that lunch is much more balanced than your dinner in the end your project will be complete It will be finished you will overcome the small stuff stay encouraged know who you are hanging out with during the hardest of times you will learn who your supports are sometimes they are the ones your insurance covers and sometimes they are the unexpected 83 year old neighbor who loves to have your kids on her porch to feed them popsicles it may bring her memories it gives you time to smile and time to know that it takes a village to adjust to any change including remodeling your knew home back to basics builders doesn’t currently provide day care not do they have a team of social services to provide you with the unknown personal pop ups but they have a team that listens and a team that is knowledgeable in mental health and in physical needs of a family they are alert and oriented to the needs one may be experiencing so please don’t be nervous to go through a change call back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and ask them to come out and do a free estimate we will walk you through multiple options and will explain to you the cost of every thing you want and the actually need when you meet with us discuss the purpose and function of the room maybe your design can be simplified to provide you with function purpose and save you financially back to basics builders we can do that we can sit and discuss your options cut out the wants keep the necessities and remind you what you need to prepare for including a port a pot or coolers and ice while remodeling a kitchen not matter the change adjustment or the remodel back to basics basement remodeling Milwaukee understands and will keep you encouraged