Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Searching for Consistency?

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Good afternoon team thank you for stopping in a back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee today we are talking about the color red as yellow as the sun is shining through the window we will discuss the color red and what it means to you and how often it is used we don’t see much of it anymore of course we have went into a new modern era or neutrals to have taken over with splashes of color meaning that we use color and accessories and it makes sense because it’s easily changed out I haven’t seen anybody with red balls recently what I had seen are amazing beautiful fireplaces here throughout our new remodels at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee love color wheel of difference We Love Culture we love change we love critical thinking we love thinking outside of the box we are a team that has unified throughout this pandemic and we have learned to think outside the box together My Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we use color a lot when it comes to office work in organizing and making things look neat and pretty and things that can be easily accessible and things that should be in the trash and things that we need to put on hold for a little while I Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are very excited to take a peek at the different colors that people love to consider I know recently I have been making small adjustments and or updates to different parts of my house and right now we have been working on our cabinets for about 3 weeks and we are almost done standing and we will be soon staining them and once we are done stating we will need some hardware and then we will put on some doors and everything else so I know it’s a process I know I expected a two-month process and we’re almost there we’re almost to the 2-month mark but I cannot tell you enough about how excited I am for new change I lost change and I love what comes along with change I love Nunez I love fresh I love the smell of paint I love I just love changing things over and over and over again if that makes any sense in my home nothing usually stays the same or constantly updating constantly moving furniture constantly going from one room to the other updating different little things that can be fixed up and recently while going to the process of sending her cabinets over the weekend we took a break from the cabinets and we focused on our family we focus on just spending time together and learning new skills and we ended up putting up my daughter’s new twin bed and two Hertz new but the headboard has no match in the bedroom it’s an odd piece of furniture it’s old it’s actually over 87 years old and it came from a grandparents given to a grandson and now a great great grandson and then a great great granddaughter so we hold some things valuable in our home and those things cannot be paid for with monetary means and Back to Basics Builders we understand that there are things in homes that take precedence and have more value and more meaning than that that may be tangible or material things we cherish Furniture we cherish different pieces of walls we’ve put things aside we’ve considered them in our deck or we have always been considerate of our cultures and our families and while we were putting our but together we had assistance from the little ones and they helped us put this bed together and now my daughter is sleeps by herself and I’m lonely at night I toss and turn and I’m not used to this I’ve been losing a lot of sleep cuz I’m not used to this butts are there homes changes our families grow or as our families grow our homes change and it becomes more homie and my kids love it my kids love when I put one cabinet from one side of the room to the other and I bring out different toys and I put the old ones in the basement and I rotate them in storage and sometimes it’s like Christmas every quarter they rotate their toys to get use out of them and lately it’s just been so exciting to have the space that we have and to have the storage that we have into just have new paint colors on the walls and then I when I moved into the space it was every Wallace white and so far we have a fiesta blue and I’m looking to change the kitchen color and possibly update and spice it up with a bright colored cabinet originally was going neutral with gray but who knows who knows what to expect in what’s is going to be in the next upcoming weeks I’m really excited to see change a time I love when color comes into the Spectrum at Back to Basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee we do have a team that is dedicated to help choose colors and to help choose stains and to help choose carpet hyaline tile colors and faucets and what will look good and what won’t have Back to Basics Builders we want every family to be comfortable in their home and we want every family to appreciate what they have as they grow and sometimes it just takes a painter coat I know why I love when I bring a new color I love when I bring a new Arrangements I love when I bring in new window treatments and new comforters and my daughter is getting a vanity with a new mirror and everybody is just so excited when change occurs and I know my little guy he loves that when his room changes and all the fun stuff that comes along with it in the colors that he gets to choose and as we update space we are changing things and then we change at the same time and Ira morning I wake up at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee at always ask God in Me my voice I asked him to transform me every day to transform my mind and to focus because every day I want to be I want to be better I want to be different than I was the day before and that is what we are here to do we love what we do we are here too bring you the passion that we have and we want you to enjoy our joy we want you to know that we are joyful remodeling your home and bring the new and our favorite is the product and how families are growing and get to see the newness and enjoy their home