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Good morning today I have started with a 12 oz cup of coffee I am skipping that lil’ sixer. I have had a long week and I am so happy to say it is Friday I cannot wait to go home and clean up the house maybe get rid of my rocker and rearrange my babies room then there is part of me that says nope not today I will clean play with the hamster since he has become my pet and I will cuddle and watch frozen and listen to the kids sing off key as loud as they can pretending to be frozen characters while I sip some tea in a big comfy blanket the joys of being a parent at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to enjoy a comfy Friday night in your home without being overwhelmed by space you may be trying to live in we want you to enjoy movie nights board games and fun times with your family today I have to go to the store on my way home and buy my little peanuts some extra snacks to celebrate how much I love them I want them to know every reason I love them so much they are my motivation they are my reason for breathing they are my reason for setting my feet on the floor and making hot breakfast every day of the week except Sunday when they get cereal or poptarts these are my babies I care for them so much they make me smile everyday I couldn’t live life without them at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we firmly believe that family comes first and there are ways to be sure every member is accommodated to the best of our knowledge today is a great day we love it we love celebrating life and love today is happy valentine’s day and we are happy to share it with the ones we love our families and our friends today what are your plans do you have any plans my plans are simple dinner and frozen snacks and hot chocolate I am happy and it makes me smile in a space that I can call mine without being overwhelmed with the craziness of remodels this morning my littlest grabbed my legs and asked me mommy please don’t go don’t leave me mommy cuddle me it was hard I even cut my morning short and left earlier than usual just to get out of the house without her crying she had an awesome morning French toast and cookies then we sent off the oldest to school with his super fun avenger magnets for everyone of his friends and he was so excited he said I didn’t know you did them for me I was so tired from the derby race I just couldn’t write my name so many times I smiled I knew he was exhausted we had a long night we had derby races in new berlin then it was bath night cozies and bed it’s a blessing to be with family so often and to be encouraged to do so at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we encourage you through your remodeled changes that you please take days with your family even if you are without a shower or possibly a toilet make an adventure take a hike in the snow around the lake enjoy the time you have together do not focus on the change but what you have in front of you know that nothing can change what you already have until it is gone at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I am always encouraged to spend time with my family to be reminded they come first and to rest on weekends with them this is our future my littles need support they need to know that their little brains need breaks too we can only expect so much from them the rest is for us to carry for them when I wake up I look at the oldest first and I see how tall he has become and how yet immature he is and its okay he is created uniquely and wonderfully his talents are not in the same areas as the youngest he is quiet yet full of energy laughter and life my youngest I don’t know how much she can see in less than a minute her language is clear and precise at two years old when I put them side by side I appreciate the difference they bring to our home at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we celebrate difference we serve difference and we are different no one is the same it is written that we are wonderfully and uniquely created and the best part is that we were known before we were born we are set apart how lovely is that is love knowing that I have an purpose specifically for me is simply joy it makes me so happy to know that we are creatures created to have rule over the earth the animals and so much more and at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we encourage you to take this special day and learn what is love to you what do you love how is love defined among your family members what do they see is love how do they describe love push back your remodel set it aside and rest relax and enjoy what you have the completeness of family your friends celebrate them let them know you love them send them a simple text in their day interrupt their work to say I love you make dinner together yes littles know how to help too they mix and set tables and can sometimes assist with dishes they can sweep can vacuum their messes it is with love that you spend today and enjoy every moment if that means you turn off your phone for two hours then please do go unplugged and enjoy your life I see so many lives who have been made short due to nonsense you never know what you will have until it is gone so please do set aside the chaos of your remodel and enjoy the day.