Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Where It All Began

This content was written for Back to Basics Builders.

Hey there guys! Hope everyone had a great weekend with it being an extra long weekend with Labor Day on Monday! I am starting with a story the owner told me Tuesday when we came back her husband and her went carpet shopping for their own home this weekend when they came by two familiar faces and those faces happen to be the client basement remodeling milwaukee is working on and starting this coming week they asked why are you guys here well there answer was simple we had a check list and to get through that we gave them things they should be looking for they got to talking and were very excited about the project this excitement lead to them coming back to be even more excited than they were originally, for many reasons. I know I had a good long weekend it was an awesome long weekend and it was a good break from all the hard work we are doing at back to basics builders we are the . Obviously it all started Friday. We had a great week we got a lot done and got a lot of potential clients ad some of them are so excited to even get the process started which makes us at back to basics builders the basement remodeling Milwaukee that more excite as well we love it when our clients are calling and you can just feel the excitement in there voice and looking forward just to the estimate and wanted to start as soon as possible. Then to even get more excited for the weeks to come we have new clients house we are starting on in the coming week and its going to be fun project to work on because of the scope of the project and what they want done with there basement and it is a huge basement. So this was all before we even left Friday before work we haven’t even made it to lunch yet, and after lunch got so much better the owners treat us like family here at back to basics and we have our weekly staff meeting on Fridays after lunch which we all got cousin subs which was amazing because we all got to catch up with each other to see how everyone is doing and talk a little about what everyone is up to for the nice long weekend well there were a few stories one of our employees at is going to be a dad very soon and he is just so excited of everything that is going on he had his baby shower this past weekend with his family which was another aspect to why he was really excited. The other reason we celebrated Friday was because another employee graduated college last winter but never got to walk down the for the ceremony and we gave him a little party instead to celebrate his accomplishment which not everyone does we basement remodeling milwaukee gave him a party to celebrate his commencement because we are a family here at . As the week came to a close the long weekend began an let the festivities begin Everyone had plans for the weekend it was a good week so everyone left work to begin there weekend in a great mood not saying that it isn’t the norm but we all had reason to celebrate the successful week owners were taking the employee who graduated out to dinner to celebrate once more because he is family to them and they wanted to make sure he knew that because with everything going on in the world he didn’t get the chance to celebrate with his own family, so they step in and gave him something to remember for rest of his life So Excitement is in the wind. The other employee had a good long weekend when time came to his baby shower where he got all these gifts from family and friends to help out when the baby does come into the world so then my weekend started when my brother came back for the long weekend to we had a great deal of fun we practice some ball and hung out all weekend to we had dinner with our dad on Saturday and then on Monday with our Mom we had such a great time going out to the fields then it just hit me the excitement that has been brewing for a while now and we are now sitting back for the ride and enjoying every moment and basement remodeling milwaukee we are now out of the drivers seat and enjoying the view that has been presented to us because big things are happening a lot of meetings estimates and proposals other ventures to prolong the business here at where we are reaching new heights and going even extra miles to bring our clients guests and future clients the best everyone has ever seen because we aren’t done creating excitement for us but for everyone that comes to interact with us here at so that includes everyone we meet throughout the day for a meeting or just a person that we interact with at a store to the phone calls that come into our office to the people we interact with on a daily we are creating an environment to bring more joy and pleasure to world around us because that’s all we can do so when you hear basement remodeling milwaukee we want you to think of us bring you the excitement of what’s to come what’s possible for the future of your home and can it be just like every other project client we get bring you this much joy to being the house that we come to love and make it something more than what it is well we can basement remodeling milwaukee bring the excitement to all of our clients.