How did you tell Joe about the estimate today West Side Story I was crazy were they how many different companies do you think that’s what it looked like then it like that was because they were all they were all talking to each other like cuz when I pulled onto the street looking for your car like where you park in the driveway that makes me that they’re not going anywhere while basement remodeling milwaukee you’re.  here on on a I’d be shocked if that they were all there for like six people for one estimate I would like the hoof yeah that was I did not expect you I just here you go what’s going on here 4 Less yeah I saw that you got the move I prefer it that I mean I guess you had bad luck with a contractor in the past so she hasn’t yeah I know that’s words bad you wouldn’t have because what she’s probably doing is she’s probably wants the best price that’s probably why she’s by getting multiple estimates again right how much do you think that one’s going to be not too bad for their budget was 35 who’s that is that just a rough estimate off the top of your head I’m pretty good.

All right where to look at this kitchen and talk about it because it looks like there’s a pineapple on the counter with um color is a good words that’s related if you look this also pull with bananas in it also on the counter the counter looks like it’s white marble I don’t really know what that is I would be able to tell if you could be able to buy more so like words or something I’m the lights that they have up the can lights are it’s like they’re six can lights and there’s to be home pretty big hanging lights sensually the looks like the countertop is a morsel of a wet bar typing look which is kind of cool well we can do that words fine on top of that counter there’s also some chairs with some brown leg they look like they are I basement remodeling milwaukee don’t know if I’m going to be anything I wouldn’t know the difference top of the

I’m on the phone with some plugs which is cool if it’s got electrical rolling in it almost like there’s some new windows release the window trim almost like there’s a an interesting hexagon design of the backsplash the matches pretty well with the with the counters the counters also have color is the cabinets on they look like they’re gray was like a grayish blue cabinet on their free all of them have like long silver polls the prequel prequel there on the stove looks new microwave looks pretty new as well as the fridge Widget the fridge kind of hides in the cabinets that come out it’s always a pretty cool design also looks like they may have updated their stairs If you look at the bathroom basement remodeling milwaukee voice also completed the kitchen was there is a gold medal water temperature thing can’t bigger than a faucet in the best word for it if you look at you know the beer it’s got gold accents it’s pretty cool looking mirror square with them was like No 4 sided but they have curves on them on those vanity light switch a pretty cool it’s good to cyan choice and I’m the cabinets as well as the walls are dark blue with the cabinets have the same poles at the kitchen window in this bathroom.

Definitely looks like new trim on that window is also trim on the volume.  American Girl friend which is pretty standard benefit blind pretty good But pretty good in the ceiling on the other side of the kitchen and there’s some open doorways that are not exactly doorways there’s open space on those little bit of go title work in the back but there’s no cabinets on this counter taken basement remodeling milwaukee for a little coffee maker on the counter speak of coffee makers ice cream Keurig and it’s pretty cool we’ll see what I’m Sophie look there’s also more of the kitchen I heard this client was a little bit tougher to work with but I mean their kitchen turned out really good I know it’s really expensive so if you want to have a good kitchen you’re probably have to pay a premium price for it special plumbing and everything like that electrical and if you want to knock out walls and do stuff like that What’s a dorsum of olive oil in the back there I’m like I said though you look there are utensils on the counter basement remodeling Milwaukee although I really do like this kitchen if it gets pretty I definitely know it’s well done because I was from our company at basement remodeling 1 Milwaukee I’m someone they’re definitely messed that up and I did so I’ll say it again old school basement remodeling Milwaukee there to go see if

I work then but like I said I’m going to golf after work unless we pretty exciting I know that’s not exactly building related but if I work at a Building Company than Shore now it’s really related because it involves me and it work here so that’s exciting if that’s the way you want to look at it. What if i just keep typing the word trim work and things like that who knows if it will play into what we are supposed to do especially when it comes to painting basements and kitchens and all sort of things like that. I am going to ask how the softball game went and after the building review if things went better because it can be very hard to paint a new bedroom and make it look really nice with trim around the brand new working windows while my windows have mold on them.