Okay so I’m going to take my boss’s advice and just click on Reddit and look at home theater ideas because at some point in the future I’m probably going to want one of these that definitely really cool to have a beer with you have to do what you said to have some pretty sick TV situation looks like that like this one is awesome. Looks like somebody’s finished basement and stuffing something then I would want to do from day this will be really cool situation 4 you know anything else you’re thinking of if I click on one of these I think the biggest thing is just having basement remodeling milwaukee chairs and you know I don’t really like the floors in that one think I look dumb with all the polka dots and things like that that’s not my style choice this one’s just got a giant TV so here’s something that I would do right I would just have like a nice little cool couch where two people can lay down and watch a movie this one would be a

So that this looks like a do-it-yourself Funeral Home Theater type of thing you know these type of is similar to what my boss did you know where he’s just got his projector screen on the couches on the back wall you know what I’m giving that theater take a look and then there’s a bar which is all that adds a little bit to it I look so like these chairs I mean everybody knows the way that you want to do it but it is my dream one day to have a home theater like that Me and my girlfriend basement remodeling milwaukee dark so that’s your movie is the only thing that you can see you know I could look at dark grey or something you don’t want stuff in there that can Zorb sound to the rest of its ability to at that point you probably want like some drop ceiling at the ceiling.

I want to drop ceiling you probably want surround system then you’d also want you know no padding on the sides which make a that padding and then you can put you don’t say traits over it or something like that I’m gonna be pretty cool there’s a lot of ideas with that you do you paint it dark gray and then you also have this padding on the sides and on the back I’m going to be something that would give you some pretty good acoustic speak pretty good sound like I look at this one that’s why I title bar with snacks and everything like that was really cool

See if your kids and I have two friends over I don’t know if I can actually no I won’t be able to afford that in the future maybe I’m if you for making bank here someday and I’m still here and I’ll be pretty cool but.  basement remodeling Milwaukee like I said if you look at these couches that are in the basement it is a really cool screen when they do the Galaxy ceiling I wonder if you can do an epoxy ceiling What kind of epoxy ceiling you could definitely do a galaxy look if not more difficult to do that but I do like how that looks and people can do a lot of cool epoxy especially if you go to somebody that’s good at it when you get up and do like a Galaxy typing look But you know like I said we could probably just do something they do pretty basic, if I look at this one. And I need a long vanity countertop cabinet space it looks like I’ll copy on a little shelf by where I put basement remodeling milwaukee the excessive amount of Funko Pops that I collected or the shelves that I built I can always put those in there I’m not off the lowest Bitcoin has already built so if I really wanted to do anything different with him I could just paint them before Put like the walls are made out of something that’s not entirely looks like they have drapes over I’m so I wonder if that is a you know if there’s any finish space under that or what align I would definitely need to put the on the sound barriers up and have like the best sound system that you can have look at that studio apartment that basement remodeling milwaukee looks really good Center for being honest my arm is getting kind of itchy right now I have a sunburn and I have is no joke.

Thursday and didn’t get hungry but I’m not going to have my snack until about 10 from there undo like I said you don’t if we of the these blue LED lights look pretty cool and you can also have one of those screens that you do they do the light paste on what’s going on in the movie so there would be that but other than that there’s not much going on their basement remodeling Milwaukee 3D epoxy would be pretty cool but it’s probably not going to happen there is these chairs in a home theater and then they have like smaller ones out front I’m so that’s pretty cool and then we also have you will have a nice bedroom but that’s not really this is house ideas I’m see Legacy Good theater you know you have one in the front you build a little platform menu for the other ones out there which I think would be really cool I mean it depends where you like to sit and where you like to what you like to do that would be cool that my own though basement remodeling Milwaukee. I think of awesome things when i think of what a home theater could look like and even the trim pieces and the base board are things that i would even have to care about and exactly what kind of walls and ceiling i would want but i have no idea how to frame a ceiling i would need my dads help on that one.