Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Getting Back Into The Groove?

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good morning today is a great day Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee today I am exhausted mentally exhausted last night my grandpa he had a mini-stroke possibility diagnosis from the firefighters from what they’ve seen with other patience this is what our diagnosis was so we stayed up to the night and we monitored my grandpa for any changes and behavior or any changes in physical activity any changes in his physiology so there has been a lot of stress last night I’m tired I’m ready to go to sleep but at it’s a great day we are here today were wide awake or trying to¬† drink some coffee here and move along I know the guys are on their way to pick up the trucks and they’re headed out to New Beginnings and starting some new projects finishing up a project today actually I’m still up some insulation so I’m really excited I’m so happy and I’m ready to get this day started I want this day to go by so fast that I can get home and go to sleep every Friday and my house we have family night and it’s parked from our church Eric Church while we were online Church they decided that we needed a family night and somebody’s having nights are so fun scavenger hunt student neighborhood looking for different animals and different plants and trees and objects and it was fun we also had a Citywide scavenger hunt butt let me tell you that city-wide scavenger hunt wasn’t the safest when the protesting is going on and I worked all day so we had to make do with what we had and it worked out well at back to basement remodeling Milwaukee I am one tired Mama but today I wanted to talk about a little bit about how life has been going for our customers and our customers are always talking about what you will see how you do things but they don’t say in regards to what so how do I do things while I do them well what’s your policy was in regards to? I don’t know I don’t know the answers to the questions if they’re vague but if you come and tell me something decent and say hey I want to know how you handle covid-19 want to know what you’re doing for this protesting how are you keeping my family safe what’s your priority what do we do it during this time a lot of people don’t even know what to do and what we can do but at I can tell you one thing and I know this for a fact is that we’re safe safety is a lot of Arkansas where United small family ran business for over 9 years we love what we do and we love doing it Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling my Marquis started when the owner decided he was going to build his own basement remodel and he started a movie theater with a bar and then he had a room for rent in office space and then there’s other space to be done so now they’re putting in another bathroom I don’t know exactly what the basement homes I don’t know how big the basement is I’ve only seen parts of the basement but I know that that’s where a dream started I know that’s where the handyman work turned into a business owner it drives me every day to come in here because I know what it’s like to have something turn into a dream and I never thought in a million years I would be in The Possession and I’m to be in this position I’m excited so wake up every morning to be able to come into a quiet place and suggests produce Mass amounts of work but I have to I like taking breaks out that I can get up and say you’re not going to take my lunch early I need to go to the bank needs to be done blah blah blah it’s okay it’s not a bad thing as long as my work is done I am okay and I am beyond excited I am so happy to be moving forward and I’m so happy to be blessed with such a family that takes care of all those I know just yesterday we had someone’s car break down or the day before my apologies a little off with days this morning and they help each other and they got together and they made sure that not only what was he able to take care of the car but this employee was able to survive for the next two weeks from paycheck to paycheck and we are okay with that we’re okay with people asking us if we’re okay I’m more okay with others making sure that we have food and water and that we’re making it through this time at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we do what we can to bless others and to be a blessing because we know what it’s like to be blessed have we’re here we’re here for you over here for your team or here for your tribe or here for your nation we’re here to support you and all that you can do at Back to Basics Builders base remodeling Milwaukee again we started as a small family-owned business and that is what we will continue to go with we like people sitting together as a team rather than employees being told what to do if you don’t fit together there’s no unification there is no anything going on at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee in today is going to be a great day today is a great day and we’re going to move forward with great things and I am so blessed to move forward with different objectives here I am beyond excited that I get to be here at and I get to live my day and know that I’m going to be able to support my kids and that the employers know that they’re not just supporting an employee but another family and that’s a blessing because a lot of people don’t believe that a lot of people don’t think like that in a lot of people don’t act like that at I am blessed beyond measure to be in the position that I am today to help someone else to care about another person to have met a family that’s unified and caring for one another I truly love what we do and I think we love it so much because we all get together and do it at there’s no other company in the fuzziness that compares to us at give us a call check us out at Back to Basics you can go and give us a call at 414-460-0075 let us know your thoughts let us know what you’re in for give us a call we get excited when we have some fun new customers and we get excited when we have new projects that Back to Basics pillars basement remodeling Milwaukee we love what we do that you’re comfortable to give us a call and tell us about your project