Having a great afternoon and a great week to start off the final week of the year I’m getting rid of this 20/20 once it for all So we’re here to talk about a lot of different things today and want to let you know basement remodeling Milwaukee has been doing great this week we’ve scheduled a lot of appointments to get a lot of new clients to remodel their home amazing  and West to my day is very to myself away so we’re going to discuss it is apartments and the searching for apartments here at basement remodel Milwaukee we have seaweed work on apartments in the past and would help the landlord we model rooms and we’re not even talking about the apartment searching self what to look for what the names do you need show us just how hard it is to look for apartment that these days I was just plenty of places that you can look up child comes down to preferences and I always have been saying this throughout the time of this is everything is about preferences vision and what you would want with your life. Kyra Pacer remodeling Milwaukee we give our clients the option everything it’s their lives there home so we are going to their homes and going through everything with them and we’re remodeling them the way they wanted to be and we need to make sure it turns out amazing because it’s what they have to live with what they have to live with the rest of their life possibly and we do this by communicating or really communicating with her clients and making sure that everything is going through the way they want to go lower here discuss how different options out there are you can be and well first of all I’m looking for an apartment these days and I can’t find one that I’ve actually like that has the vision that I see myself So but basement remodeling Milwaukee we have helped lots of people by now it and weave all had great experiences and they tell that in there testimonios and they’re very happy with the work that we’ve done and then what we do now let me up at the cistercian apartments you have to figure out what you want just like any other remodel itself and 1 home you have to be able to live with layout make sure it fits you and your personality as well as it’s what you needed what you want yet don’t settle when I hear to settle anything you know what you’re worth you know what you want and you know what you have an idea what things are worth it if you think it’s worth it. You go for it that’s not it’s okay trailer of you’re in quarantine and watch a bunch of Netflix and Hulu and stuff like that and kind of searching for her stuff to talk about it and one of these days was apartments and it’s been a fantastic thing to watch and look at and look for that kind of discuss with you guys and for the things that just doesn’t chainsaw Lots Let’s go over some of the things that basement remodeling Milwaukee has done  and we’ve done a lot mytide we’ve done bars that have turned out fantastic one of them was in the Menomonee Falls area and this house was absolutely fantastic but we done with it the bar was nice of Stone Face took like 6 7 counters shop cabinets Soft top of that basement remodeling Milwaukee does have basements as I mentioned in bathrooms and kitchens and right now we’re the middle the process of a multiple multiple projects with what couple bathroom to two kitchens in a few basements as well and  please projects coming to contact of the partisan cuz I even look at my apartment so hot and there’s a lot of different interesting thing is there’s a lot of bathrooms over remodel at work just look fantastic and they have a walk-in shower it is just fun time that they’ve had you Holy Spirit project that is not easy projects Tyler takes it to em with that substantially Ron’s I like it takes years but that’s like a few months you know and a lot of things go into basement remodeling Milwaukee This was a bathroom remodel takes up on your bathroom where are you going to be going and taking a shower for work and stuff along those lines you know it becomes a complicated process May and some apartments blessing in disguise that they have all the stuff ready and taken care of that’s ready brand new and fantastic I’m also getting this one though I was actually right down the road from where I am currently and has a walk-in shower and that’s part of the bedroom and has a kitchen I’ll just keep on saying and I can hear the whole world saying those all songs about me I was like I said just sitting here listening music some TV and just come with one of a lot of different things and aspects of projects and looking over a lot of other things that we can doing these last few weeks it’s fantastic very excited to start two new clients is coming month and but talk about things that they serve in volleyball she has done a very grateful of everything has been going on and we’re happy to start this brand new year coming up get 2020 behind us cuz I let’s face it everyone wants 2020 behind us right now and no one wants to look back it was not a great year for a lot of people and it wasn’t a great year for her NY practically as some people would benefit from it but it wasn’t a great year for a lot of people that lose a lot of sadness that happened a year basement remodeling Milwaukee looking to put that buy us and encourage people to start a new.