Hello everyone I hope everyone is having a fantastic Christmas day and eve. It is a wonderful time of year the spirt of giving is out in full these past few days a lot of amazing things happening Testing one two testing.  welcome to basement remodeling Milwaukee we are here. We talkin about some bar carts today and we’ll give you a few examples of different extravagant and basic muffles when the detail what they look like sure.  My first one that’s kind of given idea with the bar carts at 4 on and why was he seem all over the place and I kind of more high-end hotels when you’re outside. People around me are pushing apart hearts and with drinks you’re okay you’re a good wife High Oaks take of the spots like pain in the right spot do enjoy all your toys so you have huh I like that blue ball you got yes you’re a good boy well thank you hang out with me yeah not going to go crying upstairs again choose to play The doors are closed Let Me Okay Stop trying to go back to work hurts here in the morning to discuss in something more extravagant ones has mentioned before and some of them not just look very common normal that you would see in a hotel  what are you making yeah give me is mashed potatoes potatoes Pollito but you bought the other ones too Two circles that I have two trays I said that you weren’t raised on top but has a little few hangers at the bottom for your eyeglasses you can put on my hang upside down then you have a trailer full of that as well now on this is connected to four little pigs of the bottom two on each circle that way picture of a wolf in roof as needed But then you have four dogs legs that have wheels on them and give two on each circle and circles are connected by the two of them different trays how do you say I will have a bit of a the color is kind of the gold finish Scott here he wanted to be friends with everyone I hurt all the time you know I was here what is Yogi Testing one two n and I don’t know why anybody would say Caseyars in your coffee cup and I don’t know why anybody to take Casey thank God I don’t know what it is so here we talked about bart cards today and there are many different kinds of they can’t really explain how much that there are because it’s really what you think and vision you can make one of the scratch made out of materials that you have it’s really kind of everyone’s preference you know but we’re going to go around a little bit more that we have these other ones that I think I just mention with the two circles more of a common won the UC is Giovanna Wheels obviously it and you have wheels connected 2E little pool so it’s like a square and then you have on each wheel you have a pole going up send a free pizza by the yard High and do you have the handles of circular flow you can push and then each size connected to it and then you have three different layers layers of shelves in the middle of it as you say there’s many different Well then you have one that is more fancier again you have four poles are all kind of chrome like finish in each pool has a wheel the bottom there’s two shallows Odyssey of the top of the news one below it I have a kind of fancy design between these shows where they going to be a little Loop artistic area of to it lights 60 years old and wagon app C12 just 212 You got one more, there yet but like if you have the chrome finish and you have a handle on a true of the wheels that you can push I was just very different kinds of bar carts and they all depends on people’s preference on what they want in their house or their home you know or wherever they are living if it’s an apartment or whatever there’s many different choices basement remodeling Milwaukee Zoo she don’t survive bar carts but we do help designing great and amazing and fantastic bars and they families are always appreciative what they look like and how they turned out because they have turned out quite amazing basement remodeling Milwaukee do fantastic work we are one of the highest Google rating in the Milwaukee area they were very proud of it and the fact that it is we didn’t talk for a lot of different of topics and you should check out all about the ones as well when you already needs but basement remodeling Milwaukee does a lot of good work we  but we do more than just borrow this for to basements for kitchens bathrooms Etc and we do all remodeling projects and we have fun doing and we have amazing work and I work speaks for itself if you look at our website you see all the families always helps all the testimonials that they’ve given us. Market ourselves to families that need help goal here is to help every family we can and forget basement remodeling Milwaukee a call for you next remodeling is cuz it will change your perspective I know everything and what you’ve done with your house we’ve amazing designs that we create for you in that give you ideas closest Kyle she is not here to mobile set our home to their house yes so someone’s going to call me when you for the health department mom again well she’s looking for you did you give him my number they’re bothering me go get it stuck in the bathroom issued calling you to find your phone for Bella call me I’m I’m her brother show me my doorbell app. Give basement remodeling milwaukee a call.