If you want to have everyone’s having a great fantastic week to do start off their holiday week I know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we are having a fantastic week and things are only going up from here hard to believe but it is true that a lot of great things happening with the past few weeks with new business new family is going to get in touch with us and referrals so it’s been a pretty amazing here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and we cannot be happier so we don’t spend too much time talking about how good we are I know some people are not and ask every situation as we are in right now and we do feel sorry for that we hoped on the best. But to talk about here today is some bar refrigerators and we’re going to discuss about some is kind of different styles of some things that we’ve seen and taping done throughout the our time as a Remodeling Company and some of it is what we seeing so it’s what we’ve what our clients want done and are pretty amazing ideas.  the first let’s talk about the obvious here I was a bar refrigerators been for the bar. Meant for like the soda but you can’t keep it in there I’m not saying that that you can’t I’m saying I’m not talking about just a regular refrigerator find out these little log on the wall where you keep your alcohol or you beverages refrigerated if that’s what you want so start off I want talk about this amazing one that would actually seen recently and it just fantastic because it was right huge fine three interesting because it’s at the bigger home until I return home and they are awesome bars downstairs the first they have ice roof ever seen a nice room where you going to ring come it’s a lot of shows five movies you don’t really see many of them but this is where the cows like it had the coverage the full glass obviously in it was on the wall and it’s like I see feel to the behind it but it wasn’t actually nice is just a design that you have in the back but it’s refrigerated the whole wall is a refrigerator with a couple shells to help keep your stuff quote on my ass pretty amazing this is one of the many things we seeing so you don’t see many of these things at all and it was fantastic and amazing all I was speechless. Like that’s nice and fortunately they want a Barbie box to Rehab bar but it was a part of the basement so it was a good estimate. So now she’s a little more extravagant for the some people is a cool design and cool idea and it’s unbelievable the way it was showing and everything but I can’t afford that kind of stuff but I still want to buy it and it’s okay cuz you don’t need the most extravagant we actually have a lot of turn options to go through all right signs as well but you are refrigerators to be a small is a small cabinet it’s just to help keep things cool I was sleep so there’s many different options like there’s just one bar it’s it’s kind of in the young living room area and what is another block off to get the living room like a wolf 3 by 6 – 1/16 yd in he’ll sink as well as a countertop with cabinets on top and then cabinet underneath the sink with 12 in 15 inch cabinet a bar refrigerator like a small little refrigerator that they can use for their drinks on the Wind to cancer on there for their wine if you like the wind chilled some don’t some do it at FaceTime preference basement remodeling Milwaukee obviously But they’re all like different basic designs I’ll know you can spend some preference obviously when it comes down to buy refrigerators than you and bars in general and what kind of room you looking for at this is a nice and equina is that over extravagant or anything it’s just it’s in a closet city of a cabinet maker 15 inch cabinet and then you have the refrigerator next to it which is also maybe 24 in so it’s not a huge huge maybe 30 inches actually but itself it’s not a huge huge saying it’s a small thing and you know you have the couple shells full alcohol from glasses and you have a 2 panel doors let’s swing open like a French door so it’s pretty amazing that I had many different ideas or concepts you can actually eat a corporate into a bar in general and this is one of the many that I have not seen them actually just thought I’d see a picture of this and it’s just phenomenal search my email for ideas in this industry in the world that is built on remodeling homes it a lot of it is Envision you have what the family with the Quiet Ones love comes down to us to as well that we were helping design everything we show them this is what you can do this weekend do can’t do I was here comes down to money and how much money you want to spend a night want to spend $1,000 to revive them perfectly fine there’s a lot of different options you can do there a lot I mean a lot cheaper than that but some of these it that we seem to have a lot of money into them and it’s okay not to put that much as you want what’s your home it’s based on what you can afford based on what your preferences in your vision of your home is to be see everyone’s situation is different but for you next big remodel give basement remodeling Milwaukee or call because basement remodeling Milwaukee was helping with bars and basements especially basements in general but it all started because the owner created his own and remodel is on basement so give basement remodeling Milwaukee a call.