Hello everyone I hope everyone’s having a fantastic week on my country second that I couldn’t think of the day of the week why is  this computer is having problems today and issues they don’t see why I should be I’m trying to record myself doing this and it’s going in and out of here today to work here okay good I missed a whole paragraph to speak it and how to redo it so where was trying to say here here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and we’re having a fantastic week we’re just finishing up some things here the office today or some meetings because after all tomorrow is Christmas Eve and day after our actually is Christmas self leave it or not right and it’s self-explanatory but yeah I say it so we have these two is two days off fun days for spend with their families and Families parties. Let’s talk about some bar stools for your kitchen borrow whatever you need bar stools for. so first of all let’s talk with the bar stools and self-harm they actually have come in many different shapes and styles and all depends on once again once preference of what the room is supposed to be like what you looking for your room to look like and what you envision your room to look like and I’ll come down and that there’s a lot of traffic as you can choose from there’s a lots from the stores and websites you can choose to go look at them there’s many different options there are out there this is one that you really have endless of options to choose from  go around me a little bit here. alright so we got this one that is a stainless steel pole that has a circle on the bottom with all the way down that kind of hold the stool up as well as it has a footrest in the middle so that it when you do so you can put your foot on there and rest it so just happy dangle over the share should I charge a fee at the gravel guard list I don’t think anyone’s really that’s all but this might be hair basement remodeling Milwaukee we have done a lot of bars and have a lot of connections clothes ideas to help you guys best shoes Marshalls obviously one is based on color of the room in any one of my mates the color great others match the bar itself I was like kind of matches the room but you have a gray  Calabash Seafood but this is just one of the options that we have described for you there will be another one in there because the seat is adjustable stew so you can always move it up and down the base tan tall you are so they’re sad then there is just one that looks like an older kind of chair to be honest it’s like one of those chairs that you put in your living room for you to sit whereas the four legs right that are all tan and the sea to self is blue come on back of an Ascend chair accent chair and instead it just expands the legs Obits a guy give it more of a boost so you’re sitting taller at the countertop that you are sitting at what did you have all the bars oh sure they’re bad or anything but this is kind of stool it does have back seats backrest I mean and it just has the lakes and then the for that connect each leg to each other so you can move your feet are all you want put it on there so they’re not dangling Always how to get back into more extravagant once the smoke some just that is quite interesting to me when I’m thinking about it and looking at them later claimed it had very weird dual band it works it went with the one with the bars just never seen anything like it before what is matching a box out of the box so it’s cut in half what’s look at a square a 3d square cut the square in half K now you have an opening right so 121 puzzle box at one of the squares going to the bottom one part of the squares in the top right now everything is even hey little rectangle then you cut the Box the square down the middle again those are the legs mean that you have L shape Handel’s the reaper your armrest and I go see a backrest then you pull it goes down the another of shape and then the pole goes up to the other touch each other what shape can we give you one side of the chair and I said yes then there’s a few inches apart from the other side truck who’s she so as a few inches from the top and the other leg and foot rest the bottom it’s up like I said it’s kind of interesting the different things you can do a different aspects of its everything that you look at through online to what you are preferences basement remodeling Milwaukee does help out with you have a lot of connections with companies that help you give you the best idea what you would like and best free battle pass for making things go smooth as possible they make sure that everything at the end does look the way you want to look because we care about your house just as much as you do cuz we’re working at your house we want to make sure that were treated with respect we’re doing exactly what you would like us to do with that you’re home and part of this is styles of what you would like to do with your home and going into details of a project what’s after the project so what we going to be here what we going to do this what should we do have here yeah I was just small things like that that basement remodeling Milwaukee is great with do give basement remodeling Milwaukee to call for your next remodel.