Fantastic start to the Monday and I see this is not working again gosh.  okay welcome everyone hope everyone had a great and fantastic weekend I know here at basement remodeling milwaukee we all had a busy weekend individually we all had our things going on making sure That we all have family gatherings I know that everyone sucks was a half-game of the Gathering set this time we had small it’s got others with our family friend songs that we’re not going to have family Merry Christmas Eve or Christmas over but some of us celebrate Christmas this past weekend with some families I know of a few of my friends family Christmases so busy weekend it was a good weekend though I did get to see the Packers win.  but there’s a relaxing fun weekend but working to get into it here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we are going to be talked about barn doors and styles what we do and you can just a vision for your next home remodeling project.  self to get us started here where to meet us cussing the types of wood and different types of styles the First Wok there’s a lot of kind of wood out there and if you like you can hear this now there is a unfinished Pine you have your notty Oak hey justin what’s not going good you’re not why a white pickup today I don’t understand how you can just I thought this entire time the Amazon truck well that’s because they weren’t sitting right here where you know we’ve also got some issues picking up supplies I think it shouldn’t take that long I don’t know if I need to I got a call at 2:30 Sports were the wrong color for the shoot 1231 all told me that they were finished at $10 at 11:40 30 by 11 so they would have already been done with lunch at 12:15 cuz I got there about 1:45 why so late what I talked to Paul at 11:40 South barn doors have been different styles many different types of theirs based on reference this on your vision of what you and what your home to look like to see if you have a door like a barn door, does take a little bit of space on the wall party complicated but it is very noticeable but the of the wall that stands on oh  fast talk about some of the different types that we have seen him we’re looking at more talk about a sliding barn door more of a pine and you can see, the spots that has the thing that I’ve had some of a lighter color of course you go off at least choose a different style that you see in it hotter than you have the access I kind of hold everything in I’ll let you have all the barn doors and you can even make it look very big or very small Mom you can have two different sections you can major sections do you have a pharmacy or right for a Dorf and you have I’m bored right in the middle I have the access I vote for the corner to corner obviously here at basement remodeling Milwaukee would you create and make our own barn doors by getting the material that is needed to create all of our doors because we have a lot of clients at just different size doors and we may come into the length of their supposed to be that would make the most sense that for that client for that project and for the door that they’d be going into. are you tired today off Biggest pet peeves is when the phone rings and no one is talking when you answer the phone and then they just hang up on you it’s annoying text Iva when he don’t want to be just answer the phone that no one is there Going back to the barn dresses always have to be would you can have like your signal 6 panel door even 3 panel door attract as well babysitter Pandora on multiple different ways do this there are a lot of the chairs like me to be involved with more of the hardware that you need for a barn door  you are not reading the basement remodeling Milwaukee with you take care of that and once again you are not reading the words that i am say here basement remodeling milwaukee. It’s not on again why do you keep turning off or talk about the hardware that goes in with our daughters and that it does become a little bit more complicated putting them in making sure that is even hands around an actual I’m here at this picture about you a lot of work and kitchens and even bathrooms and all different clients from all them around the area have been lucky in the barn doors as well as seeing what they would actually look like and would like one most of the time does that a little bit more price that it would was just a regular door, they do look very nice and they do go and make sure with the color of the room while we don’t just leave on the same color of a regular wood door we’ll make sure we use the same colors that you would using throughout the basement with the room that you’re having one end making sure that the barn door looks good and fantastic with the room that has been going in for your next remodeling needs to give basement remodeling Milwaukee a call because we do have a lot of experience with barn doors as well as basements bathrooms and kitchens where they’re working on a few different projects at the moment to end I haven’t turned off at a sick with the barn doors that we’ve used so for your next van door remodel needs to give basement remodeling Milwaukee.