So good morning I’m out afternoon just kidding it’s going to get crazy around here huh I just wanted to share some ideas. Basement remodeling Milwaukee as we go about our day we have come upon some great ideas and some unknown ideas and some not so cool ideas I meant we are all here and we’re going to enjoy the time and we’re going to enjoy the day and we’re going to have a lot of fun together.   there was some snow outside and in fact everybody up and it’s been really frustrating and now we’re here today and it’s going to be great and it’s going to be fine and we’re going to have some interesting days ahead of us.   and I truly enjoy being here and I truly enjoy the atmosphere that we’ve created here.   this is a time where we can all come together and then we can all enjoy one another.   what are some things that you like to do and what are some things that you enjoy doing. Basement remodeling Milwaukee I love that I can come together and join with a team and there I can create new spaces every day. They sent remodeling Milwaukee am I’ve been looking up some great ideas of updating my space and I’m not a big replace the cabinet person let me tell you my vanity it’s not even falling apart yet but it has some solid bones to it and I really just want to paint the crap out of it is that okay to say? I love that I can gather some ideas and watch some DIYs and truly enjoy what I do on a regular basis. Basement remodeling Milwaukee there is sometimes where I really just want to attempt to frame if that’s okay throwing some insulation and call it a day. I know   and I learned so much actually about insulation and Fireball and other ideas and stuff that we need to have in place.   for such a time as this was really enjoy just tiling the crap out of my shower but it’s not that time for me I’m guessing it’s not going to be until summer time when we can just hang out at a waterpark all day and things can be done and there can be outdoor activities while the Tyler can take care of my shower.   in the meantime I am looking forward to updating my vanity my mirror taking out a towel bar that I hate so much. Basement remodeling Milwaukee I am looking forward to putting up some new curtains I really enjoy new curtains and makes me super excited about them but they’re still hard to pick and choose and what’s going to go on your wall I don’t know.   try my best and I do everything I can to make sure that blinds and curtains are done but sometimes I really don’t feel like it they are completed in my front room.   and they are completed in my why do guys bedroom they’re definitely not completed anywhere else in the house partially completed in my daughter’s room. Basement remodeling Milwaukee there’s so much space it’s unbelievable I know that it’s crazy it’s bizarre it’s something that can frustrate people but we do our best to keep moving forward and we do our best to do what we can to better serve those in our home.   I enjoy you the space that I have and I enjoy the time that I have in my home   and I think that’s why I truly enjoy updating the spaces that I have and it just makes me so happy that I can update my space.   I’m really excited that I can always update and move forward and do some great things in my life as well as my children size and it just it makes me really really excited and really really happy that I can do these things and always grow. Basement remodeling Milwaukee thank you for your interest in back to basics builders. You may check us out at our website to see if you really would like to remodel your home or give it a few new updates. We are always interested in moving forward with some great projects and to do some great things with many more projects. So reach out to us and let us know what your interests may be. Give us a call and schedule your free estimate today and we can help you with your remodeling project. We love that we can help you and that we can always do great things with some blank space. We love to Oregon new remodeling projects we love to always do new things and to work on some remodeling projects here it’s a great day We love what we do here and we totally enjoy it we have a great team that makes us happy that we can always move forward with some great remodeling projects. Give us a call and reach out to us gray hair for your remodeling project needs we love to bring joy and have some great time together. We enjoy new remodeling project ans we love working year round in the snow here in the midwest. This is what we truly love and enjoy doing with each other.   is a great space and a place to spread our wings and enjoy the weather.   is always fun and enjoying fun times here at basement remodeling milwaukee. Check out our website and let us know what your thoughts are and if you have enjoyed our testimonials and our commercial for your and your family to enjoy a new remodeling project. This is what we do every day and we love to do what we can with our family and our friends to better serve our community and our customers.