Hello everyone. I hope everyone is having a great and wonderful thursday afternoon today because here at basement remodeling milwaukee we are having a great day here enjoying the wonderful weather we are having but not really because most of do not like the cold here. That’s who really does like the cold anyway refund over here the basement remodeling Milwaukee to discuss bedroom benches. stop it because it becomes a more decorative type of room one TV Guide one that’s many reasons to add to one’s room Grammy guy going over the things today as well For sale are different places you can put on what we going over the different options you have Discussing the different options you have when you can choose for designs as well as different types of. the first topic about benches we will be discussing is the location options. I knew you had you go back to basic Builders how can I help you they don’t want to talk to me either I was going to ask you I’m sorry you want me to get plastic things for the insurance where would I go and do that okay.Okay I hope everyone  is back or a just I want to the ones that the one’s better ones bedroom it hasn’t ones bedroom there’s different optionsHello testing  awesome it’s working out again okay sorry about that we had a technical difficulty here at the office on sometimes it’s the other voice recorder just is not work sometimes so through these about Taco Bell options were asking to discuss this where to put a well inside a wall where you can sit down and put your shoes on at the end of the bed there’s a lot of different opinions on this also depends on your preferences where you guys usually go and change or sit down while you’re putting shoes on next sometimes they’re actually built into the window which is amazing and I know I’ve talked about this before and different options you can go for you’re at basement remodeling Milwaukee before I head out I am making a to-do list for tomorrow juices or anything you would like me to add to it that you need me to do creating for you hey Justin Justin Justin Justin hey I was just asking I am making my to-do list for tomorrow I’ll be there anything you would like me to add to it that you need me to do I’ll make create documents right thing like that I know we’ve talked about this before Awesome I just saw going I would have still going so yes there are also those benches where you can have right on your window where people can sit on logout through out the window with that, there’s not a lot of that today but is always an option that you can create for a remodel now a lot of it we don’t really do look kind of rooms for the matter is that we are always been focused on bathroom kitchen in basement so I would not specific to I was twice as we do a lot of first floor remodel so that’s always an option to with a bedroom on that will have all is well so we would do that if necessary and wanted I’m cuz I was here three phases of what you would want throughout your asses home a lot of on the basement said with great adventure was down there so we have to do a lot of egress windows make sure that’s all in the properties places and make sure that the cold I will make sure everything is up to code with Electrical Plumbing HVAC heating ventilation air-conditioning making sure all the screws are being used are the screws that need to be used but I’m going back to benches for AC not going to lie to you there was a thousands of dollars range and it’s just unbelievable and for a simple wooden frame that and so just having a cushion on top that has four legs and something you could just put a crush on that $2,000 you can go and get to buy quality before the movie 6 by 6 it is and credit yourself all that’s very interesting to see that  that some people paying the $2,000 for a little bench at the end of their bed where they sit down for the shoes it’s not nothing Prana Palm butter is US comes out to the decorative siding to adding stuff to the room so we won’t do this but we just like to talk about stuff that you can do for your room cuz here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we do love giving your opinions and perspective and different ideas to our client on sometimes we are not aware of things that they can do and some things that you say they like you can do that will show you a picture of someone that’s in that we copy that from that first client but we’ll make it unique for the rest of the things in the remodeling industry are people that are not aware of the things that they can actually do for their home and it comes down to what fishes that have right to privacy everything comes on the price at the end but do you want a built-in bench that goes into your window so you going to stare out the window or you just sit there and just have something there maybe your dog will be there at the end of the summit of the day while I was at work Panama. Just sit on the bed really until I get home and then wants to go outside play do whatever but he’s a very good dog he is a Bernese mountain dog and he sent a sick sometimes I wish I could take it to the office but unfortunately too big for office will you come down and visit one day Packers forgive basement remodeling Milwaukee call .