Hello testing one two there we go hello everyone I hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic Tuesday afternoon I know it’s really hard to have a great Tuesday afternoon that is freezing outside all those that work outside with you feel sorry for you what you doing jobs and no one else will do and we do appreciate that especially here at the remodeling industry at basement remodeling Milwaukee.I hope that¬† everyone is having a fantastic day on cuz we are going to talk about something a little bit are the bedroom I were talking and Everywhere by the house whenever there’s a space for the closet storage area I’m just what we talking about Closet Storage and what I mean by that is multiple things Muesli these things are of C cause you to have many closets usually in the house one of these bedroom at least one of these restroom you have a lot of other things that deal with hangers wall hooks shoe shoe storage on the closet organizers clothes rack storage bins and boxes and even got some blanket and quilt racks these are all just needs about storages that people use. A while we talked about this today well first I wish I was kind of looking at things that can help me add more storage places to put stuff and one of the biggest things I was looking at whether closet organizer as well as storage bins and boxes and even clothes racks as well. Don’t you rocks don’t have that many issues but are you a few wall hooks in my room for my coats being shirts and sweatshirts. why we talked about here basement remodeling Milwaukee well they can save you money now what I mean by that is well we’re doing a remodel we have a lot of times what we are doing bedrooms in basements and we have to put a closet in but there’s sometimes a class doesn’t get as big as though I want to lose because of the fact that the comes out of money in and around those lines you know what everything does revolve around money these days they’re trying to stay within budget while some things have to be cut down and the first one of the first touchdown is closet and a fine example of 1 modify until we’re working on right now while he’s he’s a potential client and we’re looking at it and that’s what we can’t do that kind of closet but daddy says we did long lines of green storage areas form and that does help by Khalid on the cost now you are not hearing me because you need to get an idea what’s going on the basement remodeling Milwaukee and him or company or it whether or not you I just reading the read on financed and touch I’m trying to follow what’s new around the office well all the times you guys are potential clients are really nice and basement remodeling Milwaukee wants to 71 Knollwood turn TalkBack Sands turn things in these are just some things I can be and change One’s pricebecause it’s not the one that makes or breaks it but it does get you underneath that price range that you are looking this have one of the biggest things is price in this kind of market and this type of business I’m a lot of does come down to whether or not you can afford to remodel you can do step-by-step obviously in certain places. The basement remodel Milwaukee is here for all of our clients even potential clients with a very honest with you guys as well as we do have a lot of financing options and Closet Storage skip the first town we offer different ideas of what you can do, because that’s what we do here right basement remodel Marcus yes we are Remodeling Company would do all the remodels. And create these nice bars and nice bathrooms but we craziest nice basements where we can help you treat a living space but in that Living Space Storage suggestions how are you I’m good how is Atlanta right what’s good doing good doing good cold but you know Sarah’s not going to be happy when she gets here because she was there for 4 hours for the s soft brother we gotta Wallace’s check today no he what he says what he has to start some stuff to do and she wouldn’t give it to me there’s a few other things that need to be done as well but are you guys as soon as you’re done going to have to give you the check sleep well okay I don’t resent you the invoice who’s for what.¬† but we do have to like I said to good proposals 1 tomorrow that one Thursday afternoon so hopefully that will go well and then we’re just waiting here on before house to Sussex they were meeting today I talked to the guy yesterday you seemed really excited he just needs to talk to the fourth guy but hopefully I’ll call him back tomorrow and they’ll answer and then we’ll say yes it will be amazing I just said that that was the one that yep the four houses are all the the meeting today they are really busy over the weekend that none of them were home so I called him as soon as he got ahold of the main guy says yep we’re meeting tomorrow. Let you know as soon as I know something soft yep. But we are all here at basement remodeling milwaukee discussing ways to be more efficient in our designs because the more efficient the designs are the cheaper thing become so when working on storage spaces for bedrooms and it becomes really on what the client prefers as well we give our opinions to help you decide on as well as ideas because basement remodeling milwaukee takes our clients ideas and visions and make them a reality.