Everyone is having a great and fantastic Wednesday afternoon, is the day before Christmas Eve so I hope you all got your Christmas shopping done if not nor is no worries so sometime left of the day and you know you know what guys are always last-minute Shoppers anyway so I solved your Christmas shopping not going to lie I have to pick up dog toy for us my dog was wasn’t too bad but opposed to everything else is done so but we’re not here to talk about that we’re here to talk with basement remodeling Milwaukee and their counter stools I mean by this is that are many different types of stools out there and just made from different types of counters as well I know it sounds weird but it is. We’re discussing now is not our schools and we’d have to pray we don’t do that we do the remodel the house you put together your countertop to begin with and we do is hope you decide on aspects to look at throughout the room we have a lot of contractors that we work with her closely and I do a great and fantastic job to help us out with our client or clients are always have it the other day with what they have picked out cuz they always turns out amazing I Heart Chocolate bar stools in the past and we are on the topic of personal stuff the fact that that these can be used to burn cells which of them is born different styles that you use for your kitchen and have some types of kitchen cooking Yeah by Kyle on people said that has a little lift of a countertop on it that way you can people sit there and talk while people cooking and are you playing games now Asiago once again everything comes down to preferences and what your ID up for your kitchen is going to be meeting lava color as walls of the cabinets were going to be at basement remodeling Milwaukee type of cavatappi using Stone ceramic porcelain quartz not saying any more of those who this is meme the bunch of them that I just know that my head I’m not going to detail about colors with those countertops itself for like that you you want to match the walls you want to match the cabinets you don’t have stuff that’s all off centered in the US of the match SBC in so I can give you some ideas of unique features and unique not features but unique styles and colors that we’ve seen give you my opinion anime go from there I’ll be at 1 that was his stool any of the four legs ever say August 4th attacks that connect each leg to the stools itself but then you have the sea itself a kind of dips down in the middle of a robin is a blue kind of leather with gold other word for it. So you can say they’re out in text your wife since he was a little more of a unique feature Unique Style you would see in like more of a high class environments like I says can’t be used for anything else and lower-class out of saying something you would see at there Embassy color itself is turquoise and it’s why I say it in signs have been like it’s black writing is turquoise in the lakes and the Finish is a grayish finish good luck back by the way live through Cracked screen of a screener things even more sweeter street hoes Harvest X trailer where we use driving is more of the old style concerto we have the she basement remodeling Milwaukee¬† to the other fourth makes it go down then on between these four legs or is a u shape that goes around on all four sides and then you’ll be back roads to has the old X and wooden back to back seats that way you can sabacc obviously Then on top of that you have the footrest that you have on the lower spot of the stool this is something you would see in an older style kitchen for a little remains are pretty unique and different from basement remodeling Milwaukee something you see you today in the world as well as in kitchens itself but then you also have to sue generic four-legged for The Connect all the lakes and he wouldn’t finish dark mocha finish I should say and seat that you would sit in like the sawhorse Barstool hey baby on what’s up are you guys that’s good that’s good Warren house work today what was that they took the truck it literally broke down wow did you guys have a new one really the mechanic tell you is what was wrong with it didn’t show up like a tow truck racing the common yes can use computers just three of them if it’s easier for you guys to do yeah I was just offering you know like Happy Diwali Milwaukee options we do many different do a lot of basements with two kitchens 12 bathrooms a lot of different ideas around that yeah because we here at basement remodeling milwaukee care about the clients that come through our doors because we want to earn your trust to work on your house because we have been doing this for a while now years actually and we have many clients that keep coming back to us for more remodels as well as referrals from past and current clients we are just happy that the clients and past and current do that we appreciate all the business we get and earn the that by the quality of work that we have done with the current and past clients we give the opinions of true remodelers to give you the best feed back possible to make the house that you are turning into a home what you envision¬† it to be. So give basement remodeling milwaukee a call for the needs of any remodel.