Well let’s just say I took a break and brown some great ideas here on the websites I know that I really get excited about making different changes in my home and I love updating different spaces including my bathroom to be now. Basement remodeling Milwaukee in I’m here I’m enjoying the space in the time here and it makes me happy I enjoy you the space I enjoy time I enjoy updating things I truly enjoy being here and getting a research different ideas in my career I know recently I was able to research some super cool ideas about some glitter paint and now I don’t know about you but I love sparkle and shine once in a blue and there’s so many different ways you can do it.   and as I’ve been researching I’ve been learning about some fun different ways to add sparkling to our lives in to be encouraged and to enjoy the space and the time that we have together and it opens great doors and it creates a new environment. Basement remodeling Milwaukee I know that I want a capri type color maybe even the Gulf Stream paint color and I want to add some super cool colors tomb the back wall and I want to add some glitter to one of my walls and I’m really super excited about it but I don’t know how it’s going to look I get really excited about stuff but sometimes it doesn’t turn out like I’ve planned and that’s okay   there’s so many different things that you can do to update your own space that you don’t have to get lost and the griminess of what’s out there right now. Basement remodeling Milwaukee a lot of people want this updated industrial look well I’m sorry my pipes aren’t hanging from a ceiling right now so I would prefer that I go look and save some space and allow my kids to enjoy the space that we have and including maybe a new mirror or some new lighting for sure some new lighting to be really excited about things that are coming up and what my bathroom and look like my vanity might try later on one wall and I have a medicine cabinet that’s humongous that’s also on one wall and I just I don’t know if I want to keep the medicine cabinet or not because it’s a great storage but their stories that we don’t use as well so I am planning on keeping it for sure maybe I don’t know.   I know that we are coming to the end of the year and this year I get to update my bathroom and it makes me smile I think every spring I want to do projects in the house and then take a break when school starts and then we have the holidays it’s just a refreshing way to start in Spring and and then summer it’s nothing rushed it’s something that takes our time but it’s fun.   I know that I truly enjoy the fun stuff and I truly enjoy being with my family and I truly enjoyed the kids and I enjoy updating my space and I know my mom just put in a bunch of new flooring maybe 2 years ago so before I round back in 8 years to replace all the flooring I really am trying to get some other things done throughout the home including some baseboards and some door replacements I know doors are really expensive so it sucks but they can run up to $900 for a few doors goodnight crazy.   I know that I got to stop my way up and do things slowly but I know every spring is a time where things are new and I know there’s a few touch ups in the kitchen that I want to make and then really work on replacing some cabinet doors that are busted so there’s some things I want to fix and there’s some things that I just want to leave and just enjoy.   there are so many fun different ways you can update and create your own space and enjoy the veil of space that you do have.   I don’t think I’ll ever be happy until my kitchen cabinets are redone I really don’t have a structured to redo or nor do I have a blue print that I can change so I know that I just need no cabinets.   I would just like to replace the old with new ones in a couple years but that’s down the road. Basement remodeling Milwaukee I really enjoy working on my home and making it my own space. I don’t know when I would do without it I don’t know when it would be without they said I have I love it I love simple space I love that I can enjoy it and then it brings me joy and that makes me happy that I can update my space and it’s going to be cute and pretty and beautiful. Basement remodeling Milwaukee there is some great ideas out here and some great bathrooms that I’ve seen I’m so share your ideas with us give us a call we love to do your free estimate you can check out our website and with that website you can learn about us to see you for a good fit for you. We understand that we’re a big crew and we sure different ideas but we also want to fit into your home. Most people don’t consider workers being part of their family but we’re their daily and we’re in your home and made in your space working to create your dreams. Basement remodeling Milwaukee were always trying to improve in to find ways to better our client staff relationships and to increase communication and be transparent is the best way that we can. Basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s not easy being us but we do it every day and enjoy it. Basement remodeling Milwaukee my headphones just took a puke you’re all static in like I was in an airplane or something crazy. Basement and Eileen a like it’s okay enjoy your remodeling project in the time that you have with your family and enjoy the new space that will soon be created.