Good morning today is a great day here at back-to-basics Brothers we’re here we’re all together and we’re enjoying the time that we have. There has been some great difficulties and some obstacles that we have faced however we know that we’re getting over them and life is great and we’re always moving forward with great remodeling projects here. Basement remodeling Milwaukee am I know that I’ve been super busy and it’s great here that we can share that are personalized are not necessarily interfering with work but we need to take care of her personal life so that they don’t interfere with work. I know that it’s very stressful and frustrating that we can’t always know what’s going on and we don’t always know facts on when there’s an obstacle that we Face we always want to know what’s going on and to have the people around us support us and to give us ideas and to give us strength and to help us when they were weak.   the kids to have the facts and to know what problems are so that we can always find solutions to those problems and not only that but to prevent those problems from ever reoccurring again.   is a great place to be in it’s always a great place to talk things out to develop new ideas. This is why we’re here at   we love to hear new ideas and we love to hear some great new remodeling project ideas.  Care of it   we’re always here to build strength and not focus on weakness so as we grow we always do our best to help one another and to coordinate strength with one another so that we can build on life together.   we’re always doing great things and we’re always working together and we’re always having fun and enjoying the time that we have.   am this is the joy that we have in this is the fun that we get to do and this is the joy that we will always have together is to help one another.   this is a strong team here we love that we can always come together and think outside of the box. we are having so much fun and we love that we can build and then we can join teams and then we can always do better things here at basement remodeling Milwaukee. We have a joy that is unspeakable and we cannot think outside of it and we truly enjoy everything that we do here.   it’s not easy being a remodeler especially through a pandemic however we know that when we lay out the obstacles and find solutions to these problems we know that we can move forward with some great remodeling project ideas. What do you like to do for fun and are you having fun doing it these are questions that we have to ask ourselves and questions that we may never ever know I have answers to but it’s questions and solutions that we can work towards and enjoy and know that we are growing. Basement remodeling Milwaukee what are you enjoying what do you like to have fun doing we always have struggles I know recently I’m struggling to get my daughter to take naps by herself or to go to bed by herself right. So what do I do? There’s so many different explanations as to why a lot of it has to do with attachment but there’s so many different ways you can put your child to bed I think my ultimate goal is a it’s in her own bed whether she transitions there or we rock her there or we let her cry there I don’t know. So baby stops right we always want kids to take their time and to do things when it’s right and all these other explanations that come into play in why she can’t sleep by herself and what the deal is I don’t know. I know a lot of it has to do with attachment but we have to find solutions to our problems we have to find preventive ways to take care of things and to prevent them from happening and this is how we do things this is how we enjoy things and this is how we continue to move forward to some great remodeling projects. Basement remodeling Milwaukee is always a great place to begin a super a place where you can speak and instead of a great place where you can verbalize everything that is going on and it’s a place where you can gather your thoughts and it’s a place where you can work hard and always grow doing new things.   is always fun and a place where I love to be.   has been around for over six years and we truly enjoy what we do every day we do things that are natural and come to us greatly and we enjoy them.   is always a place where we can enjoying give strength to those around us and to have fun and to participate and some great ideas and this is what we do everyday and this is what I love to do. Basement remodeling Milwaukee I love that I can hang out and catch up on some work and let my kids play in the background and truly enjoy some quiet and some clean space and not so much chaos and just doing work in a quiet place is what I truly truly enjoy.   it’s not easy being always the first face that’s seen in the last one that’s seen but I love what I do everyday and I am enjoying it everyday it makes me happy basement remodeling Milwaukee to True join a true experience to just be focused on great goals here.