Performance having a great and fantastic week and I hope everyone had a tremendous amount of fun over the holidays and that they have a roasting safe and having a great time with family what is a good okay well We are to hear at basement remodeling Milwaukee and I’m going to be discussing this part of people’s houses at least certain people’s houses I mean by that is people that really friendly it really have want for vegetables plants Gardens houses and different unique Styles in to m Saturday we do not mind typically but it is under sorinex expectations and things that might happen we could possibly do a video of seeing some inside houses but we already talked about two with particular this one is obviously all made of glass Madison Port Beams I was sleepy and yet, tic-tac-toe cross board on one side then you have a huge huge proof right through that you normally see with panels like shots and stuff that but instead of panels it’s actually just straight glass that’s completely see-through of so that all the plants everything get all the light that goes into the greenhouse but it’s very interesting like how these houses actually work on a lot goes into him Like I said that’s typically do it doesn’t really need a remodeling it’s warm outside exterior thing and we don’t really do exterior we are strictly interior and hear basement remodeling more could you tons work with basements kitchens and bathrooms mostly basement 2 bathrooms as a lot of families come in here and a once that about them to the basement so kind of a double thing right there you know just getting both of them done same time which does save a lot of money in the future but going back to the greenhouses this one is very particular like I said I like a Tic Tac Toe but it has just square boxes all the way through want the face side I mean my face I’d is that you have a door side to sides I have the doors both have just a bunch of squares and black beans that go into him then you can see through them bet on the side you kind of have 34 Tangos I go straight up and then you have the slant did roof so it’s like the roof is all on one panel it’s one thing of glass and I also have a few solar panels on the top that way that you get the electric and everything going into it is all paid for by its own solar power energy and which is very unique and interesting of you don’t see many things with solar powered around here at least specially Wisconsin mostly it’s cloudy most of the time at least 6 months of the year how to say it but yeah I told her all the way through March the area for sure basement remodeling Milwaukee we do it make sure that that we don’t want the weather goes down we’re always up being positive making the most out of situations and making sure our clients are happy with the work that has been going in it’s when you see is pretty actually pretty big little bit of a 50-yard so it’s a football field and chibok Buffet instruct hit you have different plans and everything that go into the greenhouse but now what kind of things you’re trying to grow throughout your Greenhouse here I said basement remodeling Milwaukee doesn’t let you much of that stuff but we do make sure that our clients are happy and get exactly what they want for the top it off the basement modeling Milwaukee does great work we do see other people’s work and we do appreciate it and you know it gets us some ideas to help our clients and for the future whatever they were trying to figure out what they want we tell him he’s what we saw one other person too and you know it looked amazing it turned out great we appreciate other people’s work we’re not some of that just says they have a week that we do the best work and there’s no other tear on that list now it’s not it we do appreciate other people’s work you know everyone does great work I want to see those tears on stuff of what you see what you liked everything comes out of the preference on what you want as a family and what you want your house to look like some people might say hey great job I guess in this one house that’s not something we’d like well that’s fine this is how they wanted their house and you know it’s nothing wrong with that this is what we can show you when we can do for you while we’re here to make sure that you’re happy as a client and making sure that how they get exactly what they want right now we are working on two bathrooms and they want the bathrooms to be retro in a call to 1/4 at me like they want to rush for bathrooms for themselves and their family but like I said well if it does come down to preferences then we let our clients and when we go out for the estimates and proposals know that this is all on you we could do anything you want all it does is cost a lot of money which is what Everything is Everything cost money so you’re spending already a lot of money into your home and you wanted to make it look great good for you I was just some people have a certain budget they’re trying to stay between this is what he’s on that budget and they’re okay with that your basement remodeling Milwaukee we have many options for financing options to help with that super you next remodeling project give basement remodeling Milwaukee a cough glad to help.