Welcome back everyone I hope everyone’s having a fantastic day here on this Thursday evening, it’s been one long day at basement remodeling Milwaukee because  we have got a lot done here today we have been a lot of communications I would say being supposed to come in and open discussion about the day of things that we can do the add to our company that makes us better at our jobs but that’s for another date discuss we’re going to be discussing some things about countertops different ideas you have to use from Annie accumulates ideas for your own remodel once you want one Bachelor one wants one dog for fleas get on your home but sometimes remodel is just a nice ride e224 yarber forever home so let’s talk about some types of different Me Cheerilee X use while you have a dream that you got your quartz remnants do you get your stainless steel look calm your wood look probably I was always that walnuts look as well as of late you know see on a butcher block tell Harmony different paint when you look in the countertops in the materials for countertops and I hope you have a great relationship with a local company here in the basement remodeling Milwaukee area and they do a fantastic job with all of our choices that we have our clients and now you can go and look at the difference types I’ll stuff and their showcase have here in the basement remodeling Milwaukee area but I really discussing some other options as well like you got the cord as well  coriant  I was just one that I heard recently and learned about recently I’m here even I am learning something new everyday chosen task teacher actually explain it and let you know what I need what I need to know how to get a lot of questions before I’m due of clients I don’t know what the top of my head and I do at the house showing Joseph that’s the key does a great job and Theresa’s here like family and it’s been an amazing experience working for him and can’t wait to spend the money more years here to see if I’m learning something new everyday that’s a fantastic it’s one of those things where you appreciate learning something new each day it just be better at the job that I’m doing. The time and it helps educate us as well as our class because I do deal with our clients on a daily basis make sure they’re aware of everything that’s going on and that everything’s happening on schedule which is a huge thing making sure there you’re communicating with them daily and updating things but that’s one of the biggest things anyone has in the business it’s communicating with clients and make sure that they are satisfied with the services that you are providing almonds one of the biggest ways to grow your business is doing a good job with the work that you’ve done and the work speak for itself all that’s a lot of what you can do I was she that sauce the marketing side of things were you can ads on Facebook or you can any social media incest post stuff and they have your marketing tools your sales departments on that as well but they don’t have anything to sell if you don’t I do a good job right it comes down to just doing a good job with the work that you’ve done it here we do a fantastic job and make sure our clients and potential clients are aware of all the options that have when it comes down to picking their countertops materials that are used on a one recently is that actually one that Island and they wanted a peninsula atitutor their kitchen in fantastic it’s interesting process and a wonderful process cuz it’s going to look amazing it’s got all the pictures done and taken care of tastic but let’s talk with the stainless steel options I would say it’s not like completely stainless steel this it has the look of a stainless steel option how to protect you from being caught some stuff along those lines but then you have your wood and this is one of you seen your kind of old cabin down the block Road But pure basement remodeling walk we do a great job at putting everything and making sure everything is up to standard and cold how that’s another biggest thing that we are aware of that comes on the building inspections and Mom of the options you have for this what option is it’s just what it self easy clean up and makes it look like an epoxy type of countertop this is a test one of the arm aspects of the things that go along lines welcome back what did you forget okay have a good night but we have our different types of ideas and everything I wish you’d come everything comes down to our clients and potential clients preferences that itches that comes under what they would like and what they want done with their home after all it is their hold their living in it’s everyday day by day you know and it’s their home and we’re trying to make it more likely for them and I thought that makes them happy in the Home Fitness the biggest thing is making sure that clients are happy they’re happy we’re happy here and that is always a fantastic things making sure because if there’s a p that means that we’re doing our job I create exactly what they would like and wants Tom it does not matter what the aspects of how things go about I work speaks for itself it does look great job offer Cruise do and you can see it in the difference from the start of the project to the end they say a picture is worth a thousand words well I’ll trade a million words because these pictures are in last a lifetime to give basement remodeling Milwaukee a call to help with any remodeling these because here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we give it all chocolate to make sure that they’re happy.