Hey everyone if you are new great we here at basement remodeling milwaukee Hurt everyone that’s new show up and just see what we’re about I’ll meet him in Milwaukee where oh he’s looking through a stretcher wings and fly new places and meet new people take a Scott’s a t relief valve I work lead is your very proud of the work and you want to share with everyone Hanover to spend the very outstanding and tremendous he’s used to come look at our website I would do fantastic work here would you like basements bathrooms and kitchens we have a lot of projects going on at once right now we are we can’t end of project the time and the refrig ten are very fantastic and have a great potential to be something amazing I was with all of our projects but we’re very excited about every project we take on.  which year today how are going to be discussing the difference discussions of building materials that we use in things to look for things that we use I think that would do not use. so first things first time I was with her kitchens so we do a lot of countertops we all created ourselves but we do have a company that we work with closely and account with them and that you were great job at Fantastic work with countertops Advantage Press tiles types and they work with you very well and very closely to make sure everything works out perfectly and then it’s exactly how you want and how we need it to work. Play on top of car tops you need something to The Counter Tops on and we work with a very good cabinet maker and they do a fantastic job creating vanities for families for in the bathrooms as well as cabinets and wall cabinets and anything you can think of I come to the cabinet’s they do a fantastic job we work with him closely as well and have an account with them is also and they just do a fantastic job with everything we hear basement remodeling Milwaukee love the people that we work with and have close relationships with because it makes things easier when we can trust at their work is going to get there at a treat us very well on top of things top of that it takes a little bit more than just cabinets and countertops to go into 1/3 model unfortunately do not do anything outside where we talked about Roofing and gutters siding 12 decks and tiles. Tiles I mean or exterior shutters but we will be discussing this a different type of flooring stair parts to do a lot of stairs is wild creating on banners making sure that everything’s like where you want to f*** wall panels with and stuff along those lines so first of all obviously there are times different shapes Parts you need and want to meet my surprise I mean the siding for stairs so it goes down to be coming handle and making a wind or anything along those lines yes we depend on that way the stair goes down to begin with but we all like I said I would do a lot of stairs is Walter in basements on making sure that is correct and think that you would like so what you need is I was you need your stance on the hold the railing as well as different styles what you need the post that goes with them. then we can talk about the types of wood that we used to do use different types of what the penny on it we work with live different companies on this because it really does we can go to one supplier and they might be a little. Go to the next is all depends on that but we do try to get everything that we would need and want to go so we do order with one company first make sure we can get as much as possible from that one and get going on the project itself first being that ever with the started projects when we were doing the estimation saying with the proposals at the office I will say okay well so this morning to do ordered this many this should be enough we figured that out with many different type of calculations between the size of a place that we working at but we do have a lot of different variations so kitchens and I was there going to need less would that have for a basement remodel so I’ll come sound a type of project you have as well so our project manager is very good at making sure that means there is needed and keeping the guys on track or throughout the day and throughout the week so it’s been a fantastic right here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and will only continue to grow that’s why we want to meet new people just get our name. But even more a company is fantastic we are in the Milwaukee area and it’s been just phenomenal being here and working with a family that we work with so far LPR continue to grow each every year so that’s always a plus bi. Are basement remodeling walk you treat every client like family and making sure that we are in communication transferring to you making sure you know exactly what you need to know Armenian that we make sure you understand if you be able to for you and that’s updated daily time for example we had one of our clients asked for a meeting at yesterday and they had a few questions they provide us with the question before in so we can get all the information laid out for them to together for tomorrow fashion Managers from the owner from the work crew so we can give you them the best answers possible so that when the end they know exactly what’s going on and what’s happening through their remodel to give basement remodeling Milwaukee call would be glad to help you with your next remodel.