Okay yes I’ll say that’s the law that episode was really good I’m not going to spoil her spoil anything it was spoiled for me I was pissed on Friday night as like I went out because I got home around 4. A little bit more work with fco’s and stuff and then 5 eat dinner got ready play little bit of Xbox and then went out as I was going to be able to have time to watch and enjoy the actual show doesn’t let you know I’ll wait I watch tomorrow and it’s somebody spoiled it like staff and then I’m but there’s also another show that’s coming out on Disney plus that I think you would like it want a football guy all I think is the Oklahoma State disable is a plus I can’t remember the name of that to be honest cuz it hasn’t come out yet actually might have come out already and have some safety dip safety I haven’t watched it yet it’s probably one of them to start watching but it was show Clemson star the movie flower in 22 hours per minute I guess the movie Annabelle the movie I’ll be up as the movie that’s based on a true story. Basement Remodeling Milwaukee You know what a clean a little bit before she put the 5=a Talking to talking about molting and some shrimp basement remodeling Milwaukee all we have a lot of clients we have to deal with a deal with I guess I would say that but we have to get on a trim and molding paste on a flying and other aspects of can I come and go in order the different types of molding I think you can actually go and get designs that are extravagant compared to the basic massage go over some of the stuff here we got suck more designs that are crazy is extravagant to room you one of those first here at basement remodeling Milwaukee EU so far we use it. You spell we have seen these hand-carved lease how you would put a body stand it’s about to hop like a little Shelf the hold up a shelf you can save. Rock so well for a little more extravagant ones that you have this Providence woodcarving look really looks like a we fix the Middle with a ribbon that goes off to both sides testicles are coming out of it the diamond on top cities are just some of the things you can do that other works traffic that you also have your little angel wall scone let’s talk about something that made you think that we use here at a certain lot of Milwaukee as in like crown molding pieces and the basic molding piece So we deal with a large area normally where we have to put the stuff album especially when the family’s family family’s or families choose to use our VP which is luxury vinyl plank flooring I’m due to the fact that I need to say keeps and lay down on my end so this helps keep it down as well as a base shoe to help it but you using the molding baseboards to kind of keep everything in check so that I was getting multiple things you can do here.  play share Basement Remodeling Milwaukee we’ve had a lot of experience dealing with lvp which is once again luxury vinyl plank and on the popular options even though it’s one of the more expensive options as well however it does look fantastic on the floor especially when you make it look like it wouldn’t for an old wooden floors to say and you can look fantastic with almost any paint on the walls for the eagle will for the old navy blue too grayish white color with had a lot of Fallas do Luxury vinyl plank and you can actually take a look at our website hear back basement remodeling Milwaukee and see that it does turn out fantastic and if you have it take to get that Luxury Rentals Lake topic do each other’s earlier on which I might do another one because they are so many different kinds of LEP different luxury vinyl plank that you can choose from types of luxury vinyl plank and they actually kind of you are mine so little bit one of our clients wanted to be more Earth friendly and was looking into degradable luxury vinyl planks and so we looked at him and this way we can discuss that another time regardless when you have luxury vinyl plank you do need to have the molding the baseboards and the base shoe to can’t hold it down as well as it helps off with doors as well what’s a lot of material that we use consistently throughout the years on with RC summer and change what we need to use for creating doors and making sure that does baseboard to miss you at the end of trust and bathrooms you’d most likely to have the ldp down there and lecture wild things he does need to be water resistant and that is water resistant luxury vinyl plank basement remodeling Milwaukee does a great job with great contact with a local company here in the Milwaukee area and they do a fantastic job at making sure it is correctly and it doesn’t come up and in that it looks fantastic with whatever you choose myself is your next big remodel a project that you looking to get some flooring done I’ll get this rivali Milwaukee Cox we doing all about flooring and the different types of aspects you need to go through to make sure it is properly taken care of and that it looks great at the end of the project because he had basement man walking we care about our clients has I want to make sure they get exactly what they envision for their home.