So what’s your favorite color do you enjoy The broken tile look? I am super in love with broken tile look and peel and stick tiles i love that you can make new looks for some cheap ideas. Basement remodeling milwaukee, i know that self adhering meansSelf-adhering means exactly that. When you’re working with self-adhering anything be careful because it can be self-adhering and you can damage the surface underneath if you’re pulling it back off but I know that there’s a lot of do-it-yourselfers out here and YouTubers aren’t always wanting to do something crazy great things and I know that I would love to create a great space and throw up some drywall enjoy some Framing and work for a new play area. But there’s times when I really want to tile stuff too and I just don’t have the patience the eye for any of it I do enjoy painting and I do enjoy updating and I do enjoy turning things around in my home and I know that it’s not easy but the struggle is real and it’s tough and it’s not the easiest thing to do I know that we’re not going to radio on anything other than replace our cabinet some same I love working on my house and updating it but sometimes it’s not very easy and it’s a struggle. Basement remodeling Milwaukee love adding some great updates to my kitchens and I love adding some updates to the place where I live but there’s times where I just want to rip my kitchen apart and start all over. The kitchen I have is so tiny I don’t know even where to go with it. I know that one day I will have the money to replace the kitchen cabinets but even the flooring in my home I don’t I just want a new kitchen updated cabinet space with countertops and then I would love to update my bathroom definitely keep the tub and just fix the tile paint and replace I would think I would replace the vanity but it definitely needed no tiling. I love that I can always track new ideas and I could always move forward with great remodeling projects and it makes me happy to do it. I love that I can always enjoy my remodeling project, I can always update and I can always do some great things. iIt’s always a great time and it’s always a great place and it’s always great ideas that can help you remodeling project needs. River always trying to do some great things and are always trying to start new projects and we’re always going to have some great ideas. This is a great project and it’s a great idea and I love it. Basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re always going to do some Alexandra always going to do some new updates to our house and it’s okay because we’re always trying to improve and do better things. What are some ideas that you truly want to complain in your home what are some new updates that you want to take on for yourself and some great remodeling projects and ideas that you truly enjoy doing and truly love doing. I know that there’s times when I don’t know if I want to a new windows because our windows are great and they’re perfect they’re beautiful but then there comes a time when you don’t know if you want new cabinet spacer if you want some updated space or if you want to paint over some are cabinets the bones that are cabinets are really good they’re strong we staying them we’ve added some paint to our countertops and change things up a bit I plan on redoing my vanity and the bathroom this spring with some paint and some vanity countertop paint as well I have taken no and I’ve learned from my mistakes but it’s really exciting and I really really look forward to it and I’m just really excited about it. Basement remodeling Milwaukee I don’t think I can take the sink out because there’s big metal piece in there but we can just add a little update to it and it should be okay. I know that I got at the style done I really don’t want to do it. have you seen some bathrooms and how crazy they look? basement remodeling Milwaukee I know in 2021 I will work on my bathroom and it’ll be beautiful and I know at home flea in 2022 I can replace the doors in my home so that should be good to go. Basement remodeling Milwaukee I can be a stressful I know that it’s not easy and then chimis complicated term is hard but to update a home in to throw on some baseboards and maybe this paint over it would be okay I’ll get some matching baseboards and redo them. I love when i can talk about the great remodeling projects of our home. I love that i can always move forward with some great space and that i can always invest in something that i can improve. I love that i can prepare the kids for a great future and that they will have their own space and that they can travel the world and learn new things. I love it at back to basics builders for teaching me some great things! It makes me so happy knowing that i can fix things and that i can always have someone come in and do some great work here. I love it and I enjoy it so much! I love back to basics builders and i enjoy doing reat things with the time i have here and learning new things! I love that we can always do some great things and share some great ideas! What have you done to your home during this pandemic? Have you enjoy the change and have you added new beauty to your home? I know that i have and that i can truly enjoy the space and the time that we have had with our home. I love that i could move forward with some fun ideas.