Okay let’s take a few moments and talk about the bubble tent First of all who came up with this idea Virginia it’s crazy because I’ll so just something as become a thing right that better beard has become a thing but that were so crowded sometimes right. Original name just checking things out in like I’m looking at these domes and I know a lot of people a lot of restaurants are using them. Basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s bizarre to me too focus on what is in front of me sometimes and when I look at those there is a domes outdoor domes and you can like add indoor stuff into the outdoor dome you can add Heat you can add shade has you can use it for camping you can use it for an outdoor catch and you can use it for anything. Basement remodeling Milwaukee I’m just browsing and just by browsing it’s Bazaar if there’s so many different options and so many different dang are the camping tent gazebo there’s the bubble tent pop-up Museum of family backyard stuff they can go up to 10 people these things can be humongous holy cows. what are some things that you would like Outdoors that you can only do indoors this is a fun and all of it I know that there’s so much you can do in a bubble tent restaurants are using them nonstop to have people enjoy the weather but I know that you can camp in these things and you can have some fun in these things but it’s not going to keep you toasty unless you add heat to it which I don’t think you can. Basement remodeling Milwaukee I know that there is a lot of things that we can do outdoors and a lot of space outside and a lot of different creative ways where we can stay safe. However sometimes we just like to be inside in the winter time in the Midwest and we enjoy being inside cozy and warm and it starts to think about what is going to happen next and how much more space are we going to need what can we do how can we prepare ourselves all these different dramatic things are going to happen nope no I wish. At basement remodeling milwaukee we are helping families do great things and we are excited to do some great remodeling projects. It makes me smile knowing that we can always do extra for people and Remodeling projects can be completed and homes can be built and that there’s joy and peace and comfort in knowing that we can always move forward with some great remodeling projects here I enjoy it I have fun it makes me happy and excited to know that I can have fun enjoy it the weather and my kids are tubing what are some things that you enjoy doing that you would like to bring indoors but you don’t because you don’t have the space. I know that I enjoy having a lot of space and I enjoy my kids having a playroom and that would be the world to me is to have that extra space in a basement and to create a playroom and I would just love it. Basement remodeling Milwaukee in I know that additional space is super hard to find but I wish I had it I wish I had some storage space I wish I had some Space 2 do my laundry and then send the Space 2 store things and space to entertain and maybe best a small livable comfortable space where everybody can be. Basement remodeling Milwaukee I get so tired sometimes like right now I’m exhausted hello are you coming or no list of caramel macchiato oat milk all right. Basement remodeling milwaukee what do you do for fun and do you brign your fun in the ouse? Let us know what your thoughts are and how we do things. I truly enjoy having fun and enjoy the time i have with people and i love being with others and enjoy the fun times. My kids are going tubing today and theyre going to have fun doing it! I love that i can depend on my parents to provide a great time to my babies and that they smile all day because they can! I love that i can always do great things and that there is joy and filled hearts everyday here at basement remodeling milwaukee we are doing some fun stuff. What i also wish i could bring inside is some fun memories i wish i had space to do fun stuff and to enjoy it with the kids. I will always miss the craziness of the world and i will miss the craziness of the world and then i think back and i remember the times i have with everyone and how crazy it is in the world and i am just blessed to have the kids and have grandparents that are with them and that i can count on and i love that i can always be there fo them always. This is a great day and i love that i can always bring things up and be forward about some fun ideas. This is my life and i enjo it so much! I love that my babies can be warm and that we can spend time together and that we can enjoy the space we have with oneĀ  another. I love the space that is extra. I will bring it back one day. I love that i can always do some fun stuff and do some great things at back to basics builders. What do you do at back to basics builders? I know that i can always have fun and do some great stuff! I love that i can always enjoy the time i have with people and who they are and the space that i have i love to enjoy it. This is my life and i love it so much.