Hello everyone inch antastiq day today I know why they hello everyone I hope everyone is having a great and fantastic day today I know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee I having some technical issues with some small things in her office but other than that we’re going strong are property is be doing great we just sign three new contracts in the last 72 hours at Fantastic it’s been phenomenal and we’re more than excited to help this family is create their forever home for themselves and their family the show off to their families ove Why I do notr to get more business in the between then we’re also looking at three more coming soon met with three families in the past week that they love what they saw what they see and they’re looking to get everything done and taken care of as well why is that I can’t say I don’t got good taste but we’re here discussing pet toys and supplies how is it going tomorrow details I was going to catch supplies or we can go to dog supplies or just going to stick with the toys let’s face it they become part of her home as well and finding the right things just What’s up with the cat toys for Easter of cat furniture in your home’s to that would be very nice and luckily helps you create aboard lovely head open hope for pets getaway remember what hangman words read up everyday NFL away basement remodeling Milwaukee anyway you can get a cat furniture that is like little home saying that they can climb on and just so that they have play toys and things to do without the house because your cats being more sociable loves his comes back to Auto psychological think they and how had a psychologist I guess you can say and scientists kind of determined So you got the opposite of Catherine sure yes or no house so you can put on shelves that they can go into or climb up on more than yes and cat pets and other very interesting that cats love cuddly blankets and stuff like that I don’t know if I ever had a cat just love cuddly things and just laying in random spots were not usually like Best Buy where they fall asleep we just got up the castle of the toys They’re like to scratch on stuff quite a thing to say and you always have to have that kind of sucks cuz he needs to be meetings to go back home where to take my dog style and I will see you in a little bit bigger how much sleep bad I like it’s so they be at your dog beds I’m see how his dog likes before just as much as I love about my dog loves sleeping on my bed he cuddles up at the Straz good spots I don’t have time he’s taking up most of the bed but then your pet bowls in your feeding you know it comes down to what size dog you have do you want them what do you have small big dog medium size dog dog have you don’t have to have a lift or anything obviously this scientist and facts behind things like to a bigger dog you should lift up the football so they’re not just showing it down there actually eat their food makes them healthier a lot last longer and Outlast but live longer dog gates this comes down to the fact that well you should talk it’s kind of protect for kids so once they start walking you know they can’t really just go bad Let’s face it stuck its kind of help out with kids as well as dogs you’d only keeps about a rooms keeps him out of trouble make sure they don’t fall down the stairs with a lot of benefits here basement remodeling Milwaukee though I tell you this we all have their kids are some animals that we basement remodeling Milwaukee care about the home and call usedom but we here at Payson Valley walk your family and its really shows when you walk in order for the first time and meet all of us or the one we come and visit you two for that free estimate that we give out and we’re here to help will you love helping people with her needs of creating a lifelong home turn this nice refurnish house into a home that you can create many many memories with your families and well those are hard to come by sometimes and beach ball toys out how to cope with things I guess a lot of people have passed because the lonely and then he doesn’t want the goddess I still see all the toys because you still show them love they are going to give you unconditional love all the time and unless you do is soma same I always here at my home I have a dog that we love very much and we also a bunny and then at my dad’s house we even have three more dogs and we all love and then to cats they become part of the family and sad to see him go sometimes without and put down to Fresh Air dogs due to being old age but regardless discussed basement remodeling Milwaukee loves doing our projects with anyone and we want to help everyone is possible so Phoenix big remodel whether to Kitchen basements bathroom or maybe all three at the same time we do that right now we’re working on kitchen bathroom and a basement and we are just signed another big Basin project and we are looking forward to it Uptown but let us help you with your next big Remodel and whatever but give basement remodeling Milwaukee call and we can help you with your house and make it your home that you many many more memories with your families.