Hello today is a great day here at Back to Basics Builders I’m super excited about today and I love that I can be here. Basement remodeling Milwaukee and it’s a great place here and we love to enjoy one another and we truly enjoy the unity that we have within our team. Our Unity does Reef play it’s and it’s very important for us to all be in the same page and to be on the same Rising goal and to continue to work hard. Basement remodeling Milwaukee I enjoy doing great things here and Back to Basics Builders and I don’t know what you do in your spare time but I truly truly enjoy having fun. Here at back to basics builders we are here to enjoy the space and the time we have with one another including with our families. I enjoy being with my family a lot and it brings joy to my face and i brings the joy in all that i do here at. I love that i can join in and help the team out at any time. This is what i do and this is what I enjoy doing. I love that I can be here and that I can always have fun here at enjoy he space that we have together. Basement remodeling milwaukee is a great space and a place to reminded that we are working hard and creating new dreams. Does working so many different ways there are coworkers anniversary enjoying the time and space that we have to be with one another these holiday season and I love it here is always going to be a great place to me and a great place to smile in to enjoy the joy that we have and it makes me so happy. we are always going to enjoy doing great things and enjoy having space and always knowing that we can build strong character and we can build strong unity and then we reflected in the workplace and sometimes it.. Basement remodeling Milwaukee but if you truly have passion enjoy what you do then it’s really not as difficult as it may seem. we are always here to enjoying to dream in to be great at what we do and to be encouraged by one another and to build each other up not down. is always a great place to be and it’s a great place to be considerate of others and to enjoy one another and to have fun with one another. is not a typical workplace and it’s definitely a place where you grow when you live and you learn new things. is always a fun place and it is always a place where we can always do great things. This is what we do every day in this is how we do them. is always going to grow and it’s always going to be advice and it’s always going to have definite job growth hair. is to be the number one sought-after basement remodeling company in southeastern Wisconsin and by doing so we focus on value and what that looks like for us and our customers is there a honesty honesty is a huge part of who we are and what we do every day. Basement remodeling Milwaukee we appreciate our customers we always send them great gifts to thank them for choosing us. we’re always on time we appreciate timeliness we’re never late to our customers homes what is in if we say 9 and we’re there at 9:30 really doesn’t work. We focus on quality of work and craftsmanship we don’t like to be sloppy and we provide great communication with our customers I believe we have grown in the area of communication in the past year if not more I would say more recent to the past couple months for we found different tools to better increase, and dream details of people’s homes. gas were a Remodeling Company and we focus on basements we also include some kitchen and bathrooms along the way and they’re not foreign to us it’s just a preference of having a basement remodeling it’s a clean slate it’s a big space and there’s so much imagination put into it. Basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re not only remodeled but where we focus on. You we have core values of integrity we have we like people to meet at one time I cannot express that enough being honest and having integrity houses trust that things are going to be done safely on a job site in a timely manner we appreciate high energy we don’t want boring people want people to I meant to be coachable there are four volumes we focus on we’re always looking for a players to provide those core values in to bring those into the business in one way or another. a lot of people sometimes ask what makes us different and again we focus on we have daily job coaching we emphasis we have an emphasis on growth it’s what we love to do M we provide in enthusiastic atmosphere. Basement remodeling milwaukee¬† I believe it’s in a box whatever it is okay.¬† is a place where we can come together and we are doing some great stuff here. We are doing more and more research and learning along with one another and we are doing some great things that we are always having fun doing projects together. We love that we can move and do great things together is always a fun projects here at back to basics builders we are doing great projects. Here we are all going to make sure that your remodeling project gets completed with greatness. I love that i can always move forward and that i can do some great things and that i can always depend on the family. i know and that i can always be what i am.