Good morning everyone, today is a snow day! We have had so many people call that tey are all stuck in the snow here in milwaukee. Its crazy out here and its cold! I’m freezing and I hate it. I hate trudging through the snow and not knowing when more will be on its way. It’s frustrating and i don’t like it at all. Basement remodeling milwaukee we are all here to be unified together and smile together. It’s crazy and we are all here to smile and be happy! I know i am here and i am full of joy. and the Dora start open Isis lights are on we got music playing the sun is definitely not out today because we’re in the middle of the snow storm. it’s been crazy with the snow this morning we’ve had a lot of issues and a lot of people are just crazy striving to stay afloat and to do great things and we are we’re struggling today. There’s a lot of people out there is people stuck in the snow still at this time. As you know it’s been crazy and it will be crazy I don’t know what people are thinking these days but we continue with our remodeling projects no matter what obstacles we Face. we’ve been around for a while now and it’s really exciting to see the girls that we have throughout our sitting in throughout our business here is a great place to being so great place to continue with some great fun stories and to be part of something great. Basement remodeling Milwaukee is always and be around we’re always going to do great remodeling projects and we’re always any create great spaces for a client’s on to provide a function and great design.basement remodeling Milwaukee Ron’s doing great things in raw having some fun times here at Back to Basics feathers and it’s really just a fun environment to be in we like to focus on some high energy and engagement and they can go hand-in-hand because if you’re having a crusty day and you don’t want to talk to anybody then you’re definitely not going to have energy and you’re not going to engage we like to have that communication like to have those open doors and we like to help and we like to support and we like to be that business that is here for the employees. we’re always here to help our family is in right here to grow and we’re here to do great things and to be part of something great. is true joy around here and Thursdays or not so joyous and happy and we’re a little grumpy and that’s okay because we’re human. what are some things that you truly enjoy about your career choice and how is it affecting you during this pain. Mike? I know that we don’t necessarily struggle through hard times and it’s really frustrating and it’s not easy but we are all going to move forward and do some great things. we are always here to help each other and support each other and I think that’s what I love about this career is that it’s become a family and it’s a great environment and we care and we want people to understand that it’s not difficult but you must have a good work ethic. we are always here to do some great remodeling projects and I truly enjoy our remodeling project here at Back to Basics builders. I don’t know if you’ve seen them but they’re pretty flipping amazing I know that we’ve had some super great remodeling projects throughout our lifetime and I know that the weather is terrible today but our team is dependable I’m sometimes Mother Nature just takes a toll on timing. we are all doing our best to be close to home and be supportive and stay local. Basement remodeling Milwaukee we are always going to be on top of things and we’re going to do some great work and we’re going to continuously support the families that were in the homes of. We provide a free orientation we can answer all of your questions if you have any you can reach out to us. We are very transparent we enjoy working with families were very honest for people of Integrity here. Basement remodel in Milwaukee area we are always going to strive to do great things in raw we striving to keep going and we’re always striving to persevere and to be happy and to move forward with some great remodeling project ideas. We love what we do here and it makes me smile and I truly enjoy everything that I do on a regular basis. Basement remodeling Milwaukee I’m ready to enjoy the New Year I’m ready to look forward and Beyond the year of 2020 I am super excited I truly enjoy being here every day and having a smile on my face and making sure that I am doing great things. this is a place where you can get your free estimate. Then you can go on our website check us out see you for a good fit for you and if we’re good fit for us we really focus on doing great things and we really focus on enjoying the time with each other and the time that we can spend with one another. is a great place to be and to schedule your free estimate with us that’s what you can do. You can also check out our testimonials of what people say and you can do great things with what we have and how it can be done. is great it’s a great place I enjoy it it’s fine we enjoy everything that we do. the joys of working in the office is at sometimes I can call my kids and check on them and make sure that they are okay. I love that I can B here and now that my play it safe and that the kids are safe and that there with the sitter is and everything is okay. Basement remodeling Milwaukee we enjoy everything that we do together and that we love to do. I love that I can be here that I can answer telephone calls and that I can write articles all day.