Holy cows have you seen all these crazy floor sizes and tiles that we have around it’s unbelievable I cannot tell you how creative these companies have gotten with such high technology Ida’s it’s unbelievable but I love it I love that these tiles are just well put together and then that tells kind of amazing basement remodeling Milwaukee I’m really down for neutral basic nothing fancy nothing Wilds in color but there’s a lot.   there’s a ton of different tiles here holy cows. Have you seen the crazy amount of tiles that we have and the choices that you can make here? like what on Earth was I thinking I really love tile I’m really excited about it to have you ever cut your toe on tile it hurts like hell.   but there’s a lot of different ideas that you can do and things that you can make super exciting and I truly enjoy it I truly enjoy the beauty of a tiled area but too much tile is just too much tile you know I know a lot of people   are starting to tile like their living spaces and not just their bathrooms kind of creeps me out just a little bit.   I know that when I’m in a public space that sometimes Tyler’s is better I know the courthouse use a lot of different flooring Styles but I want to feel like I’m in the public waitress when I’m at home I just I want to be happy and I want my tiles to look neat and clean Mason remodeling Milwaukee and. I love that I can go ahead and log in and research on some great ideas of how to help our customers treat their new tile and how to keep it clean and the nervousness that they may have is homeowners that are indulging in big huge remodeling projects can be scary. Basement remodeling Milwaukee I enjoy some great remodeling projects I’m also very mm I want to enjoy helping clients and customers do some great things unto have fun and to enjoy the time spent here in the love that we have and our work and the quality that we provide it’s great how do you clean your child’s once you’ve placed them a lot of people talk about hydrogen peroxide. I’m not a fan of cleaning my own tile but I do use the Kaboom on at least to help in fact a sending it an ice foamy tile cleaner and it gets all up in there and I just let it sit in there for a couple minutes I don’t know you just spray it down I love it.   and makes me super excited about it. I can always focus on some great things and some amazing ideas and I can totally enjoy it and have fun with it and I can just smile knowing that it’s a great place to be and then I can always move forward with some great remodeling projects. I love it and I truly enjoy the time that we get to have cleaning artiles because time is precious to us basement remodeling Milwaukee how do you clean your dial there’s so many different recipes for people to clean their grout like so many different okay let’s use a half a cup of baking soda and dilute it with a gallon of water I’m so confused don’t usually like to do those things but sometimes I do and then there’s times where I just make muscles and don’t clean them. I get so exhausted it’s crazy so how do you actually enjoy cleaning in taking care of things and all of that you know I try to raise my kids. Tubidy Careful With Their Blessings because I don’t want them to me and prideful and boisterous and loud and obnoxious I want them to appreciate and to be humble for what they have.   am I want them to understand that sometimes there are children out here that don’t have but iron thing. Sometimes there are kids that don’t have anything and there are kids that are struggling there are kids that just heard inside for what they need and for what I want. The struggle is super real and it’s super frustrating and it’s just something that we try to keep in mind and that we try to under control and we do our best. Basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s not always easy doing what we can every day but we tried to do everything we can and we trying to be so understanding but there are days when the struggle is real and it’s hard for us to stand up into be Against All Odds.   this isn’t easy it’s very awkward it’s so frustrating and it hurts. We want people to understand that we can help and that we can do great things and that we can always move forward with some great remodeling projects and we can help you tidy up those new products that you’ve chosen for your new remodel. Basement remodeling Milwaukee feel free to check out our website and get to know us. I tell people this all the time if you don’t know us you don’t really want to send your home. You’re going to have a whole nother group of people in your home for approximately 6 3 to 6 months depending on Mother Nature the world around us external factors I’ve world is nuts. We do our best to stay where mind is right and that’s all we can do.   we’re always going to be here for one another always going to grow strong. We are always building and we are always learning new things and this is what we love to do. Basement remodeling Milwaukee how do you keep your tile clean what does it mean to you to clean your home on a regular basis