Let’s talk about some other things here today and I hope everyone is having a great and fantastic day I know mine could do is got be a lot better I wasn’t quarantine. I’m here at home going over wild things for work and it’s not a fun time being quarantined. But here basement remodeling Milwaukee we are in a fantastic shape we’re taking the precaution so that everything and making sure our clients are safe as well these are beginning a harder harder to talk to us and talk about when you’re distracted by listings 7 going on throughout your life as well as the headache that you interrupted with but we’re going to be going over a lot of different aspects of things were we talked about more of the park type of areas that we build here at the Centre barley Milwaukee meaning that we help you create a bar in your own basements or living room wherever and we’re going to going to go over this one’s for my aspects that you need to have for the comes out only in a bar but first elf is they’re going to be wine and bar tools that way me buy this is how do you open wine well you open wine with a wine opener you can’t just open with your hands that’s why I was please like you were talking about today. There’s also bar tools Assassin game is one of the biggest things when you go to a bar as they have games dice These are some of the things that we can’t really go over kind of fun things you can do while you have a home bar at in your home so going out with specially with this year was being cold and related and 20/20 being that just battle in general but where to go over some games and some different tools  So some other things are going to discuss it are the different types of tools why was there a lot more than just part of his name and why I hope there’s there’s the Shakers I was so you have to have your shakers I’m sure you drinks make your drinks and little containers to go with that otherwise you just dumping a bunch of alcohol into a bunch of different things and hopefully it’s going to be fixed rate no sir I Don’t Wanna Know don’t know what I was getting ready at work But Leah so then you want to have a little bit of what’s up Peppers penne what kind of alcohol you like you know that all depends Everyone has different preferences but it helps keeping it a Shaker at 1 so I’m home bar the fine is you hear many different shakers and different new styles I threw up on that What was us a lot of the things you can do is our house the Manhattan cocktail case which is kind of different type of Shaker but there’s many different styles different types of things you can look at and gets to see you have your stainless steel bar tool set which has like a ghost feeling that’s going to borrow you’re opening a bottle openers as well as some other shots tools as well but these are just some of the tools that you would need what is But there’s always a lot more things you can get to add on to the bar or that of your home bar and they swing by the basement remodeling Milwaukee does make it create a fantastic bar So you’re a basement remodeling Milwaukee hasn’t mentioned we do a lot of different remodeling projects in a lot of different things before you say in our clients and we have a lot of options we make the best of everything that comes out of the door off okay so on top of the Shakers and the tools I help you make drinks you also have your wine and your barn Rags obviously you have your cooler full of beer and stuff but you also have the tracks are in them have your wine rack so you can put the wine cuz you don’t want them to be chilled must you have to do like a children that’s your preference was again it comes out of preferences and what you like into your old place right by the Milwaukee we make sure that everything goes into your house is exactly what you want and exactly how it’s supposed to be we have a many different projects going on with you make sure to over-communicate every little part of the project because we want to make sure that you everything that has been created is what you wanted to be created I received your except this by Buddy album but money can go so far however we also create the best ideas and Visions with the last on a budget now I was six other companies out there to do the same thing as we do but we here at basement remodeling Milwaukee over communities we want to make sure that you are getting everything you want it is your house after we respecting the house and vision of your family and wanting what you want so you can have a room as you can create many many more memories and have family get-togethers with bring loved ones over to for the rest of the life that you have if that’s a house you’re going to keep being amazing Ferrari my eyes but he rats basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s our biggest thing is to make sure that you’re happy is a client cuz if you’re happy we’re happy I is a very important thing that you need to remember that we only can get so far as long as our clients are happy but I happy we go have a business that’s one of the things people forget about sometimes and not saying it’s all the time but people forget about it so get basement remodeling Milwaukee a call